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Kohima Travel Guide

Kohima is the city which holds a special place in the history of the region as this is the place where the 64 days long battle happened here against the Japanese army.

Also, the beautiful tribal cultures found here really will increase your interests regarding he city. Try out some of the finest dishes made here locally by exploring the region with many hills and peaceful atmosphere. Further in this article we have mentioned done of the finest and highly visited a must to visit places in the majestic city of Kohima.

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best tourists places in Kohima

  • The Kohima museum
  • The Kohima zoo
  • The Shilloi Lake
  • The War Cemetery

The Kohima museum

The amazing place is one of the top best tourist attractions found here. Nagaland is the place which is a beautiful mix of several cultures and tribes and this museum will give you a deep look at it. Know about the different tragions here and also there is a lot of information of several tribes here. There is a rich collection of many artifacts and paintings portraying the richness of the region. Also, a huge collection of traditional accessories and dresses are found here.

The Kohima zoo

The majestic place is famous for housing the pretty state bird which can be found hardly anywhere else and it is called, the Tragopan bird. Also, you will find the state animal that is the wild buffalo found here in this zoo along with many other species. Well, if you like trekking then do visit the place as it is situated on a hill with spectacular landscapes surrounding it. A place made for wildlife lovers where you can find several monkeys, golden langurs, and many other species are found here. There is also a special place made here for kids to have fun in the play zone.

The Shilloi Lake

The beautiful lake filled with picturesque views and Patkai range will surely relax you. The place is surrounded with deep valleys and as per the belief by the local villagers there is the spirit of the holy child present here below the lake. The lake is place where you cannot fish or use the water for any purpose as everything here is considered to be very sacred. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the breath-taking view of the place with your closed ones.

The War Cemetery

This is the place that you must visit to know about the history of the region and to pay your respects. The site was constructed on dedication to more than 10,000 soldiers who fought bravely losing their lives during the time of the World War-II. The cemetery is placed in a very beautiful location surrounded with filled greenery and the lawns here are filled with colourful flowers. There are around 1421 slabs present here for the soldiers who died in the deadly battle. There were soldiers from many countries around the globe and the place shows the bravery of each of them and the pain that people went through during the battle.