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Dimapur Travel Guide

The city has been famous not only for its rich historical significance but also wildlife lovers get easily attracted to the region.

The eastern part of the city is covered with the clear wate of the Dhansiri river whereas the western part of the city is completely filled with forests, green lands and some hills. The culture of the region is something that attracts you more and the fresh air here will make it compulsory for you to wish visiting the remarkable place again and again. So, know about the most awesome destination spots in this city

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best tourists places in Dimapur

  • The zoological park
  • The triple falls-
  • The Rangapahar reserve forest
  • The Shiva Temple-

The zoological park

The park is a must to visit tourist attraction which is located around 6 kms away from the main city centre. However, this destination spot has been winning hearts for its well-maintained environment and a peaceful fresh atmosphere found here. Blessed with some rarely found migratory birds the park was established initially so that the awareness of importance of protection of flora and fauna could spread across the region.p>

The triple falls

Another stunning location found in the beautiful region of Dimapur is the triple fall. The astonishing waterfall consists of three different water streams which become a source of water here and well, thus the name goes by the triple waterfall. The water here falls at a height of 280 ft and indeed the area is well maintained here. Also, trekkers find this place very pleasant and a great region for trekking too. The pleasant atmosphere with the surrounded lush greenery makes the falls look more majestic for sure.

The Rangapahar reserve forest

The breath-taking places showcases how important is wildlife for the city and also the reserve forest is one of the highest visited spots in Dimapur. There are many varieties of plants and tress found here with many of them having rich medicinal values. Also, if you are a bird watcher then this place is the right stop for you to make. The region is blessed with many species which are found here and the unique colourful birds blend so well with the greenery spread here.

The Shiva Temple

The religious place gets visited a lot by many Hindu pilgrims and was built by the villagers back in 1961. The place has a great belief behind the idol which is placed here. Years back one of the citizens in the village found a stone in the Rangapahar Reserve Forest. He started sharpening his knife on the stone and found a kind of liquid flowing from the stone. Later he saw the same stone in his dream and came to the conclusion that the stone that he found was the powerful Lord Shiva. When the villagers came to know about the incident, they brought the stone and started worshipping it. Today this temple has the same stone which is considered now the Shiva Linga dedicating the temple to Lord Shiva.