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Aizawl Travel Guide

Aizawl is a peaceful city which is famous for its lush green hills and huge bazars to visit. The hilly region is very much renowned for the ethnic handicrafts sold here and the many people who live in the city belong to the Mizo Tribe.

The city is also very much renowned for it being one of the oldest cities having rich cultural heritage. There are many tourist spots found here that might confuse you. So here the top best 4 places that you must visit at any chance to make you trip completely satisfying.

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best tourists places in Aizawl

  • The Phawngpui Peak
  • The Vantawng falls
  • Reiek
  • The Dampa Tiger Reserve

The Phawngpui Peak

This highest point located within the Phawngpui National Park and is famous for its wonderful views. The amazing views of the mountains surrounding it and the top view of the city is what attracting many trekkers from around the globe. The Phawngpui is and adventurous experience and is around 2100 meters, making the Peak, the highest in the region. The peak is also known as the very important place as an abode of the goddess of the Mizo tribe and the atmosphere here is truly peaceful.

The Vantawng falls

The beautiful falls is the highest waterfall in the state and are the most attractive falls found in Mizoram. Being the 13th highest waterfalls in the country, the Vantawng Waterfalls is blessed with many valleys and thick greenery surrounding it. The waterfall is a delightful sight and gets highly visited by many tourists who tend to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the region.


Also famously known as Reiek Tlang the beautiful region is one of the tallest hills in the state located at a height of 1465 meters. The region offers panoramic views of the entire city from the top and you can also get a good look of many surrounding valley with eye-catching sceneries. Trekkers never miss a chance to visit the hills and exploring these hills will make you forget the hectic life of city and work for sure. Many migratory birds visit the place hence if you are a bird watcher then do visit the hills and have fun.

The Dampa Tiger Reserve

The spectacular Wildlife Sanctuary is a part of huge dense forests of Mizoram is rich in varieties of flora and fauna found here. The name Dampa means lonely bachelors as once the region had huge male population after many females passed away. This sanctuary covers area of over 500 square kilometres and is built to protect tigers. It is home to many tigers, leopards, bears, deer and many other species found here, the sanctuary was turned inti a tiger reserve in 1994 and many birds are often found here too.p>