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Cherrapunji Travel Guide

Cherrapunji is one of the most beautiful cities that shines in the list of most visited places in Meghalaya and has been cherished over the years for its misty valley.

With greenery spread at every location you look at the region is blessed wit breath-taking serene view and the rich culture of the place is a mut to now about. The town is also renowned for the different varieties of flora species and is also known as Sohra. From astounding picnic spots to cave formations, many tourist destinations spots are found here to discover and here are the best 4plaecs that you will find here.

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best tourists places in Cherrapunji

  • Cherrapunji
  • The Mawsmai Cave
  • The Double Decker
  • The Nohkalikai falls


The beautiful village is one of the popular places to visit here as it surrounded by the lush green valleys. The village was announced as the cleanest village in Asia in 2003 and the famous East Khasi Hills are also very close to the place. The village of Cherrapunji is a place where you can have a peaceful vacation by visit the clean rivers, huge hills and some of the breath-taking orchids that will win your heart. The famous root bridges, having 100% literacy rate.

The Mawsmai Cave

The unique cave system is situated around 6 kms away from the Cherrapunji Mawsmai cave and is very popular the East Khasi Hills surrounding it. The caves offer spectacular views and you will be left completely awe-struck as the limestone creations of hues and make unique pattern to have the lights enter through it. The shinning caves are also surrounded by many species of flora and fauna and you can explore the beautiful region much more.

The Double Decker

The Living Root Bridge which is surrounded by full filled the lush green lands are totally awe-striking, the roots really do act like a bridge to reach the other end and the bridge is also known as the Umshiang Double Decker Living Root Bridge. The bridge is actually made up of the Indian Rubber Tree and the huge bridge is s true delight to look at. The Double Decker Bridge is around 3 kilometres long and is located at a height of 2400 feet above the ground. The Umshiang River flows below the bridge making it look more spectacular.

The Nohkalikai falls

The one of the highest waterfalls has been serving as great magnificent view and is covered with true nature’s beauty. The falls are on the main reasons for Meghalaya being so famous in tourism. They are named as Nohkalikai which traces to a story of a woman named Ka Likai. The woman remarried a man and wanted to have a happy life with her daughter and her new husband. However, the man killed her daughter and cut her body into pieces. He cooked and served to the woman who later found out about her husband’s evilness. She was so devasted that she plunged to death from the waterfall.