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Imphal Travel Guide

Imphal is one of the most charming regions which is enjoyed a lot by many nature lovers. The place has many sceneries and beautiful landscapes to know about. The region has a rich historical significance and along with that some great tourist destination spots that you will get to know ahead in this article.

We have mentioned some of the most highly adored places in the awesome city of Imphal; which you should for sure give a look and consider visiting it at least once in your lifetime.

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best tourists places in Imphal

  • The Kangla fort
  • The Keibul Lamjao National Park
  • The Tharon caves
  • The Loktak Lake

The Kangla fort

The massive place is surrounded with many trees and lush greenery and also is now known famously as the Palace of Kangla. The royal place has been admired so much as it is located on the banks of the river Imphal. It is the royal palace of King Pakhangba. Since 2003 many tourists have mentioned about their interest in the beautiful traditional architecture of the fort and today you can find many historical artefacts which were found here years back..

The Keibul Lamjao National Park

The park is famous for being one and only floating park in the entire globe and attracts many tourists for sure. The magical place houses species including the deer, sangai and much more. The place is filled with lush greenery and fabulous sights to look at. More than 450 varieties of orchids are found here along with hundreds of species of birds and animals found. This place is indeed a dream come true for many bird watchers, wildlife lovers and nature lovers worldwide.

The Tharon caves

The caves are massive which goes on around 655.6 m long and is considered to be very amazing as locals see highly of this place. The caves are a perfect spot for people who love caves and adventures places. There is a map present outside the cave and you should probably give a good look at it before entering the caves as it would be really helpful to explore the caves more

The Loktak Lake

The lake is present near to the valley of Imphal the beautiful fresh water lake is really breath-taking. The huge lake is crystal clear, and is one of the largest freshwater lakes found in India. There are many other floating islands found nearby this lake and the greenery surrounding the place is highly likeable for sure. Well, the lake is located around 50 kms away from the main city of Imphal but surely is a spot that is work looking at. Also, it is like a home for many rivers which join here and is a source of water for many rivulets which run in the entire state.