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Vengurla Travel Guide

Vengurla is one of the most famous beach towns found in the state and with so many beautiful beaches, the atmosphere of the city is also refreshing.

If you want to leave behind the pollution of city and visit a place where you can have some great me time or a great vacation with your loved ones, then this city is the right place to plan a trip to visit. Here are the top best 4 places that will leave you amazed for sure.

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best tourists places in Vengurla

  • The Vengurla Beach
  • Sagareshwar
  • The Mochemad Beach
  • Vengurla Rocks

The Vengurla Beach

One of the most amazing beaches that you will come across in the region is this Vengurla beach which is blessed with abundant beauty. The beach is not much crowded and thus you will find calmness in its atmosphere. The beautiful beach is indeed a picturesque landscape where you can have lots of fun with friends and families. There is a light house located near the beach and you will also find a huge market near it.


The holy shrine is one of the most visited places in the city and is highly considered to be a sacred place. The temple is dedicated to the powerful Hindu lord Shiva and you will love the peaceful temple for sure. The colourful patterns, unique architecture of the temple attracts many Lord Shiva worshippers from around the globe and there is also a beach located near it. The Sagareshwar beach is considered to be one of the holiest beaches in the Konkan region.

The Mochemad Beach

Another famous beach in the city which is renowned for the turquoise water and the lush greenery surrounding it. The beach is uniquely beautiful and the small located here make it look more astounding in real. Tourists can enjoy the evening walk here as the white sand appears totally golden during the sunset. Also, for beach lovers this town serves to be the destination spot and thus you must add the Mochemad beach to your bucket list if you plan a trip to the city of Vengurla. Enjoy sightseeing on the beach.

Vengurla Rocks

The well renowned lighthouse is one of the oldest ones and is situated on an isolated island which has a very calm atmosphere. With no noise and no pollution over there, you will feel complete relaxation and indeed it is a perfect place to go if you want some piece of mind. The beautiful region is well maintained and is completely clean with lush greenery surrounding it. It was constructed back during the 1800s by the British and to date makes the region more glorious. Due to a fire accident back in the day., the island was burnt but todays you will find it to be one of the most amazing beautiful tourist spots for sure.