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Tarkarli Travel Guide

Tarkarli has been always beloved by n number of tourists for the beautiful beach found here and along with that the region is truly amazing for sure.

The fort, greenery filled regions, beaches, adventurous areas and picturesque landscape are some of the most cherished things of the city. With that give a look at these 4 places found in the region which will absolutely leave you awe-struck for sure.

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best tourists places in Tarkarli

  • The Tarkarli beach
  • The Dhamapur lake
  • The Deobagh
  • The Sindhudurg fort

The Tarkarli beach

The splendid beach is very famous for its extreme beauty and the spectacular scenic views that it offers. The beautiful beach is very renowned among the beach lovers and you can enjoy the water sports activities too which will leave you amazed. The natural beauty of the beach is something that is a must to explore and with soft white sand clear water and swaying palm trees is all that you will find here.

The Dhamapur lake

The beautiful lake is totally amazing and a very renowned picnic spot in the city. The beautiful place is very renowned as it perfectly suits for pictures and also if you love nature then you will love this beautiful lake too. The tourists spot is also very famous as it allows boat rides and you can enjoy nature and fresh atmosphere here via boating. The lake covers a total area of 10 acres and near to the lake there is also a very sacred shrine present. The Bhagawati temple is an architectural shrine which is surrounded with lush greenery.

The Deobagh

The glorious place is also very much famously known as the God's garden where all you will find is lush greenery and relaxing soothing atmosphere. The tourist spot is also very much famous as you can enjoy boating here. Many fishermen here give their boats for rent which you can take for going on an amazing sea tour. Enjoy the famous seafood here and also other Maharashtrian cuisines served in local food stalls. Tourists might also spot many species of birds here and thus if you love wildlife, photography or bird-watching then this place is the right stop to make for sure.

The Sindhudurg fort

The majestic fort is one of the most ancient historical tourist spots found in the region which shows the glimpse of the rich history of the city. This massive fort was constructed by the great Maratha Ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and thud plays an important role in the city’s history. This fort is now present in the form of ruined structure but its gloriousness has not faded away at all which makes it worth visiting. If you are interested int eh history of Tarkarli then none another place would be perfect to visit rather than the Sindhudurg fort.