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Sindhudurg Travel Guide

Sindhudurg has always been a well cherished city which has many historical and indeed beautiful places to visit.

The region is highly blessed with some of the very well renowned sites that are very hard to find and for a perfect soothing and relaxing vacation surely the city is preferable. The beauty of the city lies in the tourist spots and with varieties of different destinations found here, it is surely a worth to visit spot. Here are the best 4 places found in the city that you should not miss at any cost!

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best tourists places in Sindhudurg

  • The Sindhudurg fort
  • The Tarkarli beach
  • The chorla Ghat
  • The Vijaydurg fort

The Sindhudurg fort

The magnificent fort shows us the true beauty of nature and also gives us the glimpse of rich history of the region. This fort is well cherished for its massive structure and the intricate architectural design of the fort. It is surrounded with best scenic views and the fort has been a centre of attraction among several dynasties over the years now. From the Marathas to the British, the fort has seen attacks by many huge rulers.

The Tarkarli beach

The renowned is another breath-taking tourist’s spot found on the region. A perfect place to relax and have a great picnic in a nice sunny day is this beach with the clean surrounding and sparkling water. The soft sand touches your feet and the view that the beach offers is truly alluring. Tourists can have fun here, and the beach is also perfect for swimming. You can enjoy several eater groups games and also the try out the local street food from the food stalls arranged near the beach.

The chorla Ghat

A place made for people who love jungle walk is this ghat. Located in the middle of the jungle the ghats are also a part of the Western Ghats and they have been very well renowned for the beautiful natural view with the spread lush greenery that they serve. It is also home to many endangered species and present at an elevation of 800 metres. The ghat is surrounded with Sahyadri ranges and indeed is totally an awe-striking spot that you will come across in the city. DO visit the ghat if you like trekking.

The Vijaydurg fort

Being the most ancient fort found in the region, the fort was constructed years back during the rule of the Shilahar dynasty. The beautiful fort is surely spectacular viewpoint and also play a major role in the history. The Fort was reconstructed by the Maratha ruler Shivaji Maharaj and is surrounded by sea from all of its four sides. Thus, it is so famous as it has peacefulness in its atmosphere which perfectly blends with its majestic structure. Now the fort is a protected monument and many tourists just fall in love with its beauty. Although it looks a bit ruined it is a must to visit spot for sure.