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Shrivardhan Travel Guide

Shrivardhan is a renowned tourist spot because the region is not only one of the most beautiful vacation sites but also

it has been highly blessed with many beaches and religious sites attracting eh tourists form all around the globe. The city is very famous for its rich Maratha history and along with that here are the top best 4 places that you will find in the city which must be added to your bucket list.

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best tourists places in Shrivardhan

  • The Shrivardhan beach
  • The Harihareshwar beach
  • The Ganesh Gully
  • The Kushmeshwar temple

The Shrivardhan beach

The splendid beach is an amazing serene location and it is one of the highest visited spots in the region. The amin thing that makes the beach so famous is its black sand and the clear glittery water which makes the place stand out. Also, if you love adventure and trekking then the beach is the place made for you to visit. You can try out the water sports and other games here such as water surfing, paragliding, trekking to the nearby cliffs and much more on in the beach.

The Harihareshwar beach

Being on the most pleasant beaches very know this beach is also known as Dev-Ghar and is filled with spectacular picturesque views to enjoy here. If you love calm beaches which are not that much crowed, and would love taking a walk near the pleasant beach then this place is perfect to visit in the city. There are many accommodation options near the beach and you can stay somewhere close so that you can often enjoy the beauty of the beach. Also, if you visit it during the sunset and sunrise time, the water really shines like crystal here.

The Ganesh Gully

Being one of the most religious places this narrow gully is located between two mountains. Where an idol of Lord Ganesh which is submerged 30 feet inside the water. Thus, the name goes by Ganesh gully and yi8 can even see the idol if the tide is low. Being such a unique place, it is highly visited by many tourists. The region is considered to be very highly blessed and the fact that the glorious idol of lord Ganesha submerged inside the water if very attractive which attracts many worshippers from around the globe.

The Kushmeshwar temple

The glorious temple is known for its beautiful architecture and the picturesque green landscapes that surrounding. It is located on the middle of Kushmeshwar hills, and is very much famous for the well-designed stone carvings found here. The Kushmeshwar Temple is very closely located to the holy site of Jivaneshwar and Bhairavnath temples and thus many worshippers do visit this place once in their lifetime. The Temple is blessed with beautiful architectural patterns and is surely a breath-taking view with the surrounded lush greenery. You can enjoy the views surrounding the temple and can capture it in your camera now.