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Pandharpur Travel Guide

Pandharpur being a religious centre is very renowned among Hindu pilgrims in Maharashtra and it has been considered as one of the highly visited cities in the state.

The city is blessed with many temples and picturesque landscapes which indeed makes it awe-stricken. It’s highly crowded in most of the Hindu festive seasons and thus is considered to be the spiritual capital of Maharashtra. Here are the top 4 best temples and other locations found in the region.

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best tourists places in Pandharpur

  • The Pundalik temple
  • The Iskon temple
  • The Vishnupad Temple
  • The Yogiraj Tukarambaa Khedlekar Ashram

The Pundalik temple

The astounding temple located in the midst of nature’ s amazing beauty is highly cherished and is one of the holiest sites found in the city. The temple is located at the bank of Chandrabhaga River, and is dedicated to Pundalik as it is considered to be the resting place of Pundalik. Many followers and worshipper visit the temple to know about the gloriousness and the delightful view that it serves. As per the legends Pundalik as the devotee of Lord Vithoba who came to give blessings to his worshippers.

The Iskon temple

The beautiful temple surrounded with peaceful atmosphere is a must to visit for sue. The temple is located very close to another tourist spot that is the Vitthal Rukmini Temple and you can easily visit it too. The temple is known for its majestic structure and architecture and as it surrounded with lush greenery, nature lovers cannot just get enough of it. The temple is also very calm and you can completely relax your mind and heart here. The surrounding garden makes the temple look more beautiful and outside the temple you will find shops to but the things required for the aarti.

The Vishnupad Temple

The unique architecture of this temple is the most attractive thing every tourist finds here. The temple is located at the centre of the Chandrabhaga River and is beautiful constructed with 16 pillars supporting it. The entire temple is completely built of stones and thus it is unique in its own way. One more thing that makes the holy shrine much more sacred and renowned is that the footprints of Hindu Lord Krishna present here. Thus, the name of the Temple goes by Vishnupad.

The Yogiraj Tukarambaa Khedlekar Ashram

The peaceful ashram is one of the most scared places found here and is highly visited by the followers and worshippers of Vitthal. The ashram is very much famous among the Hindu pilgrims as the temple consist of the tallest idol of Vitthal in its premises. With filled greener and the calmness in its air, the ashram is a site that is so quiet that it relieves all your stress. There are also accommodation facilities provided for the tourists visiting it and if you want a place to live which is completely calm then this is the right place for you.