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Murud Janjira Travel Guide

Murud Janjira has been always famous for its beaches and pure greenery filling the region.

The beautiful region is blessed with sandy beaches and widespread dense forest making the atmosphere here so refreshing. The tourist spot is also known for its scenic views and if you are looking for a place to spend a perfect peaceful vacation then Murud Janjira is the place you should visit. Here are the top bet4 places found here

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best tourists places in Murud Janjira

  • The Ahmedganj Palace
  • The Murud Janjira Fort
  • The Garambi Falls
  • The Murud beach

The Ahmedganj Palace

The beautiful majestic palace which is located with surrounding lush greenery is indeed one of the musts to visit spots found here. It covers an area of 45 acres and the unique architecture of the palace is something to be cherished here. With an alluring combination of Mughal and Gothic style architecture, the palace has unique carvings which attracts tourists from around the globe. It has a very rich history as it was home to many Royal Kings and Mughals and withing the complex of the palace, there are also many mosques and tombs found.

The Murud Janjira Fort

The massive fortification is surrounded with the splendid view of the Arabian sea and is cherished for the massive rock structure found here. Located with scenic views and greenery filling it, it is an ancient fort which has seen many huge dynasties ruling it. You can visit the region by just a short ferry ride and is a great experience for sure. There are many picturesque landscapes and surely you will have a great time here enjoying the beauty of nature and several activities organised here.

The Garambi Falls

The astounding falls is one of the highly visited tourist spots found in the region and has one of the best delightful sights you would every find. There many stalls found here too and the stream here falls from a height of 100m, making it much more glorious. During the monsoon season it is indeed much more enjoyable to come here and take a dip in the cool water. The pure cool water, surrounding dense forests, gush streak flowing here, distant voice of birds chirping and lost of picturesque landscapes is what you will find here.

The Murud beach

It is the highest visited spot in the city as the beauty of the region is totally incomparable for sure. The beach is highly visited especially during the sunset and the surmise ties as it looks more glorious during that times. The beautiful surrounding and the glittery crystal-clear water which shines brightly in a nice sunny day makes it very tempting to visit the beach. The beach a popular tourist picnic spot in the city, it has many thrilling water activities organised here. You can enjoy horse riding, water sports, boat rides and the amazing sea food here.