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Kolhapur Travel Guide

Being one of the highly visited cities in Maharashtra, Kolhapur has been very well famous for the varieties of tourist spots found here.

Located on the banks of the river Panchagang, Kolhapur used to be the lands of Marathas and thus it has been mentioned in many historical books. The city is not only known for producing rich Indian jewellery but also is famous for the classic Kolhapuri sandals. With many huge bazars to visit, here are some of the most cherished destination spots on Kolhapur

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best tourists places in Kolhapur

  • Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Museum
  • The Ramtirth Waterfall
  • The Panhala Fort
  • The Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary

Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Museum

The renowned museum also known as the new palace is a must to visit place if you want to know about the rich history of the city. The New Palace was constructed between 1877-84 and has as its name goes by, it has been the house of Chatrapati Sahu Maharaj. Many artifacts and other things found here were all belonged to the ruler. The ground floor of the palace is converted into a museum where you will find many ancient things. The huge museum is rustic and has an architecture which is indeed mentionable.

The Ramtirth Waterfall

Kolhapur is very famous for the abundant nature’s beauty found here and thus waterfall just gives the glimpse of how beautiful the city is. The waterfall is surrounded with lush greenery and is highly cherished by n number of tourists who visit it. With the pure crystal-clear water from the River Hiranyakeshi in Ajara Taluka the Ramtirth Waterfall is a delightful sight which is known for its serene beauty. natural waterfall popular for its unmatched serenity and beautiful locales.

The Panhala Fort

Another historical ancient monument found in the city is this fort which has been standing string since many years. The fort was constructed between 1178-1209 AD and was founded by Raja Bhoja. The prestigious place was home to the great Maratha Rule Shivaji Maharaj and Queen Tarabai. This fort is the largest one found in the e tire Deccan region. The Indo-Islamic architecture of the fort, huge walls which are intricately carved and the patterns which are truly eye-catching makes this place a very attractive spot found in Kolhapur. Do visit the fort and enjoy the picturesque landscape.

The Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary

The now turned sanctuary used to be a very famous ground used for hunting, as it was filled with many species. Being used only by few Maratha rulers, the land now is open to all especially people who are nature and wildlife lovers. The region was announced to be wildlife sanctuary on 1985 and to date serves and helps many endangered species. The sanctuary is very famous for Bison or Gaurs and is also known as the Bison sanctuary. Also, tourists can leopards, tigers, sloth bears and varieties of species of birds here..