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Kolad Travel Guide

Kolad is an adventurous village which is filled with many types of tourist destinations suiting every traveller who visits the city.

The regions are highly blessed with diverse ranges and regions from rivers to waterfalls and ancient monuments, you will find anything and everything here. Being so renowned for every tourist spot present here which have chosen the top bets places that you will find in the region.

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best tourists places in Kolad

  • The Tamhini Ghat
  • The Ghosala fort
  • The Bhira Dam
  • The Kundalika river

The Tamhini Ghat

The most renowned waterfall which is also one of the most popular attractions found in the region is the Tamhini Ghat. The waterfalls are very high and gush down in stream to reach the pond beneath it which makes the site look majestic. With so many trees and bushes surrounding it, the atmosphere is truly fresh here far away from any pollution of the city. You can a nice sunny day here, enjoying the cool water and having a great time with your family and friends.

The Ghosala fort

If you want to enjoy nature’s beauty along with rich architectural monument then the fort is the right stop to make. Well renowned for the natural landscape that it serves, the fort is very famous among trekker. ` It is located between the Revdanda and the Salav Creeks, and is also famous for the temples located here. The fort’s architecture and design are something remarkable and there is also a dargah present within the fort’s complex here which is highly visited by tourists from all around the globe. The fort was used by kings and the prisoners were also held here. So, you can find many prisons and huge chambers in the fort.

The Bhira Dam

The astounding dam is a scenic spot which offer you a good view of the city. The dam is also known as the Tata Power House Dam, as it was constructed by the Tata Power Company. It was built in the year 1927and now serves water for irrigational purposes. It is also important for power generation and sources water for rafting in the Kundalika river. You can also enjoy the boating facilities in the dam and can have a great picnic here.

The Kundalika river

The city of Kolad is famous among the adventurous as it provides amazing rafting facilities. The river is not only famous for sightseeing but also the thrill of rafting can be experienced here. It stretches for 14 kilometres and is highly visited on the monsoon season. However, if the conditions get severs you can go for rafting during rainy season. Surrounded with rich nature’s beauty, rafting here can surely be enjoyed. Perfect for pictures, the surrounding area of the Kundalika river is well cherished as it is most covered in lush greenery and thus nature lovers too get easily attracted to place.