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Khandala Travel Guide

Whenever the talk of best hill station in Maharashtra raises, Khandala is the place which appears first in the list.

The beauty of the city and the vast spread greenery makes it an ideal destination which is so peaceful far away from the city life. Khandala is located on the foothills of Sahyadri with abundant scenic valleys and waterfalls. The twin hill stations of Lonavala and Khandala are a must to visit places and here are the top best 4 places found in Khandala.

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best tourists places in Khandala

  • The Lohagad Fort
  • The Duke’s nose
  • The Bhedsa caves
  • The Tiger’s leap

The Lohagad Fort

The fort is a UNESCO world heritage site and is very famous among trekkers and nature lovers. The fort it was built in the 18th century and the great ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj used to store his treasure here making it historically very famous too. The massive structure of the fort shows the rich carvings from the huge dynasties that ruled here and it is twin to the Visapur Fort located in the city. Spread with lush green beauty, the Fort is a must to visit spot.

The Duke’s nose

The panoramic view form this site is what makes the tourist spot so much renowned. The name of the place goes by Duke’s nose because of the point resembling to the Duke of Wellington's nose. Today, it serves as a great picnic spot, where you can see a clear view of valleys, dense forests and clear sky. It is again a place made for trekkers, so if you love enjoying the blessing of nature on the way to the site from where you can have bird’s view to watch the city then do visit the place.

The Bhedsa caves

If you love nature and the rich history of the region then the Bhedsa caves is the tourist spot you should firstly visit. Being one of the most famous caves found in the region, the caves are one of the most ancient caves food in the state. It dates back to 60 BC and thus historically is also very rich. There are many ancient carvings, carved pillars and intricate patterns found here. There is also a prayer hall found here.

The Tiger’s leap

One of the worth visiting tourist spot is the Tiger’s leap as it serves one of the most awe-striking view which you will hardly find anywhere else. The tourist point is located over 650m and also serves as a great echo point. There is also a waterfall located nearby the point. However, it in seasonal waterfall and thus if you visit the place during the monsoon then surely can enjoy it. The structure of the site is like a tiger leaping into the valley and thus the name of the place goes by the tiger’s leap.