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Kashid Travel Guide

Kasid is a very famous Konkan region in Maharashtra which is highly cherished for being a beach town. Well maintained beaches and few historical monuments are found in the region.

Thus, it is one of the bets vacation spots and if you are looking for a peaceful region spend you vacation then do visit this spectacular city. There are many relaxing destination spots found here and we have listed the best 4-

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best tourists places in Kashid

  • Revdanda beach
  • The Kashid beach
  • The Phansad Bird Sanctuary
  • The Korlai Fort

Revdanda beach

The region was ruled for a very long time by the Portuguese and thus they have left many spectacular monuments constructed here which is now a great tourist spot. With that the Revdanda beach and fort found is indeed awe-striking. As the region is filled with lush greenery, clean beach and a historical monument facing the beach, it is indeed a beloved destination. The fort located here has a unique structure and is present in ruins. But the charm of the fort is something to be noticed.

The Kashid beach

The splendid beach is located on the coasts of Arabian Sea and is indeed worth visiting. It is very famous for the soft white colour sand of the beach and the clean water which makes it one of the cleanest beaches in north Konkan. In evenings you can find many people walking along its shores, enjoying the nature’s beauty and the filled greenery found here. Also, many water sports are available here which you can enjoy. If you love beaches then do visit it.

The Phansad Bird Sanctuary

The place is like a dream come true for very bird watcher and wildlife lover. The bird sanctuary is highly visited due to it being a house for different species of birds and amphibians, insects along with mammals. The bird sanctuary is filled with many trees and shrubs which makes the land look completely green. The bird sanctuary is also rich in flora and fauna surely is a peaceful place water you can send a day. Surely the experience of bird watching and enjoying nature that you get here is remarkable. Also, the picturesque landscape which you should not miss visiting at any chance.

The Korlai Fort

The ancient was built in 1521 to protect the region and \ was once called Morro De Chaul which now stands in ruins. The for famous for fresh atmosphere and surrounding hill slopes is so large that it attracted many military officials. There is also a towering lighthouse near it and the entire fort has absolutely stunning architecture. The sea facing fort is totally a picturesque landscape and the historic ruins found here increases the value of the fort. Enjoy the ancient architecture of the fort along with the surrounding beauty that will eave you completely awe-struck for sure.