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Kankavil Travel Guide

Kankavli has always been a centre of attraction of the famous district Sindhudurg. With many ancient temples and picturesque locations found here, The city is famous among Hindu worshippers and nature lovers.

There are many tourists’ spots found in the socially tich city which make sit levelled up in tourism. The vibrant city is also renowned for the educational hubs and is situated in between two west flowing rivers. Thus, waterfall found in the region is always one of the highly visited tourist spots found here.

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best tourists places in Kankavil

  • The Savdav Waterfall Kankavli
  • The Kurli dam
  • Osargaon Talav
  • Shri Bhalchandra Maharaj Ashram

The Savdav Waterfall Kankavli

One of the most famous waterfalls found in the city is the Savdav falls. The waterfall is an alluring site which is blessed with pure nature’s beauty and is perfect for swimming too. Highly visited by n number of tourists very year, the falls are well cherished by nature lovers as it is surrounded with lush greenery and dense forests. The waterfalls look mote majestic in rainy season and indeed serves as a great picnic spot.

The Kurli dam

It is located very close to the city and is very well renowned for its modern architecture, the newly made dam is famous for serving one of the most min-blowing scenic views. It huge stricter and the crystal-clear water stored here is indeed perfect for taking some amazing pictures. The dam is also visited due to the stunning view that is serves from the top and the cool breeze that hits you is something to be cherished ere. If you love sight-seeing then this dam is made for you to spend quality time. The dam indeed has a peaceful atmosphere which attracts many tourists.

Osargaon Talav

The breath-taking lake which is famous picnic spot here is something that you surely add to your bucket list of the most cherished destination spots to visit. The lake is highly visited during the sunrise and sunset times as the water here literally glitters when the sun rises or settles down. A walk near the lake, enjoying the beautiful scenery, watching birds and enjoying some snacks from the local food stalls is all the perks of visiting the lake. Thus, it is highly famous among bird watchers and nature lovers.

Shri Bhalchandra Maharaj Ashram

The ashram is placed in the memory of Baba Bhalchandra who lived here for 55 years. The ashram consists of his memorial and many worshippers visit the place to seek his blessings. The temple located here is highly visited by tourists during the Hindus festivals and the place also has many meditation sites. There is a realistic monument of Baba and the ashram is well maintained. Devotees from all around the glove visit the place and believe to be very sacred from them. If you want to know more about the lifestyle of the Baba then do visit the ashram.