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Chikhaldara Travel Guide

Chikhaldara has been very famous hill station which attracts n number of tourists over the years now! The hill station is renowned for its panoramic view and the dense forests found here.

Being rich flora and fauna, the city is also very much loved by the wildlife lovers out there. There are many beautiful tourist spots found here like the lakes, parks, viewpoints, and many other places so we have listed the top best 4 places to find here

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best tourists places in Chikhaldara

  • The Narnala Fort
  • The Bir lake
  • The Melghat Tiger Reserve
  • The Bhimkund

The Narnala Fort

The majestic ancient monument has been undertaken during the invasion of Mughal Dynasty. The fort is constructed in the midst of scenic views of the city making it extremely attractive. The fort is surrounded with lush greenery and non-polluted atmosphere which indeed is majestic. The construction of the ort took place in 10 AD and was named as Narnala after the royal Rajput King, Narnal Singh. Mughals took it under their control later and it is very famously known as the birth place of Emperor Aurangzeb's great grandson.

The Bir lake

The astounding lake is a must to visit spot if you want ton have some peaceful “me” time far away from workload and stress. The lake was actually made during the rule of the British army. They constructed the lake during colonialism and was sued by British officially mostly. As the beauty of the lake is totally awe-0striking its was one of the famous spots of many officials and the lake is made up of Basalt. The lake is truly an amazing spot and you can enjoy roaming around the local shops near the lake.

The Melghat Tiger Reserve

The tiger reserve located on the Gavilgarh Hill is a must to visit place if you are a nature and wildlife lover. Surrounded with dense forest and teak trees the tiger reserve is famous for the protection of wildlife especially the endangered species. There are as total of 82 tigers present here and tourists will also find sloth bears, sambar, panthers, wild bear, and many other species. Also, many birds are often spotted here especially the eagles. The total area the reserve covers is around 1677 sq. km making the city look more attractive.

The Bhimkund

The natural water tank which is famous for the mythology attached to it is one of the top visited places in the city. The clear clue water of the Bhimkund also has a great religious value highly believed by the locals. As per the legend, Bhim killed Kichaka in the very spot and then threw his body in the valley. The valley is now named as Kichakdara. Bhim later took a bath in this lake and which gave it the name Bhimkund. It is also believed that the lake is very deep so the depth of the lake is totally unmeasurable.