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Chandrapur Travel Guide

Chandrapur is famous for its rich historical significance and has been very renowned for the fort and huge ancient monuments present here which tells you the about the rich history of the region.

The city is one of the leading tourist spots in the state and is highly blessed with many places to explore which includes national parks, monuments and much more. The city is also famously known as the black gold city as the city is filled with coal seams.

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best tourists places in Alibag

  • The Chandrapur Fort
  • The Mahakali temple
  • The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve
  • The ancient caves

The Chandrapur Fort

The ancient historical for is the most visited spot in the city and is well-maintained for sure. The ancient fort is used to eb called as Chanda Fort and is very close to the Zarpat river. The fort is blessed with abundant scenic views which makes it look much more attractive and its marvellous construction is totally breath-taking. It was built by Gond king, Khandkya Ballal Sah who constructed this string monument with intricate pattern and carvings. The fort is a massive monument with four doors and many windows which again gives us a glimpse of ancient India.

The Mahakali temple

The sacred shrine dedicated to the powerful Hindu Goddess Mahakali was built by Dhundya Ram Sah. The construction of the temple took place during the reign of Gond Dynasty in 16th century. Withing the premises of the Mahakali mandir here are two small shrines for Lord Ganesh and Hanuman temple. The sacred temple is highly visited by Hindu devotes and n number of tourists are left surprised due to the marvellous architecture of the temple. The temple also has Dharmashalas to help some pilgrims accommodate who have been travelling for a long time.

The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Located near the Erai dam, the Tadoba Andheri Tiger reserve is like a dream come true for every wildlife out there. Since 1973, the park is been serving as a tiger reserve covering an area of around 625.40 km2. There are around 86 tigers living in the reserve e now. Many nature and wildlife lover find this place very interesting and thus the reserve is been leading in tourism. The park turned tiger reserve is very much fun to explore and you can also hire the guides here.

The ancient caves

the Chandrapur’s ancient caves are s religious spot for every follower of Buddhism and has been present here for years now. The caves were actually used for meditation by the Buddhist monks and thus has been holding special value. These caves are a set of 9 interconnected caves which were designed by the Buddhists for mediation. It was constructed during the 8th century. Thus, being so ancient it does no holds religious values but also has a great historical significance making it much more renowned around the globe. Surely it is a must to visit spot.