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Amravati Travel Guide

Amravati, has been visited greatly over the years now for the rich historical significance of the city which attracts many worshippers from all around the globe. The city is Cultural Capital of Vidarbha. And is famous for the Varhadi cuisine.

The cultural land is an emerging top listed tourist destination spot due to n number of sacred shrines located here. This city is located in midst of true nature’s beauty and is indeed a must to visit spot.

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best tourists places in Amravati

  • The Gawilgarh fort
  • The Ambadevi and Ekvira Devi Mandir
  • The Wadali Lake
  • The Bamboo Garden

The Gawilgarh fort

The ancient monument is around a 300-year-old structure which make the city a historically rich land. The fort is located on Deccan Plateau and shows us the glimpse of the rich Maratha history. The fort is well cherished by locals as it serves as a very peaceful scenic view, covered with lush greenery and delightful atmosphere. Being a very important landmark, the fort is built with intricate carvings showing the Maharashtrian architectural style. Some of the carvings and inscriptions also date to the period of Nizam’s rule.

The Ambadevi and Ekvira Devi Mandir

The holy shrine is a very beloved sacred temple and is highly visited by Hindu worshippers from all around the globe. The temple is dedicated to the divine power Goddess Ambadevi and for over the decades, it has been praised for its majestic architecture. The religious temple is very renowned for being an important place described in the history of Rukmini Haran. The shrine was traditionally constructed in 1960 and is indeed a pilgrimage site which is to be not missed at any chance if you every visit the city.

The Wadali Lake

The spectacular lake is indeed a beautiful lake which highly attracts tourists who love nature. The reservoirs have been serving as one of the most perfect spots where you could get to enjoy sunrise and sunset. The clear water and the refreshing atmosphere here found in the place is something that will truly make you feel to visit the lake again and again. The lake has been believed to be a picturesque landscape and as there are relaxing setting arrangements are made here you can surely enjoy the view of the lake. Also, if you are planning a picnic then what can be a better place than the Wadali lake?

The Bamboo Garden

A place made for nature lovers put there! The bamboo garden is the country’s largest collection of bamboo plants. Having a rich collection of 134 species, the nursery has been running since 2017. The astounding garden is also very much famous for the huge collection of different types of cactus found here. There are around 300 species of cactus present here and the place is renowned for the Bamboo-made souvenir which tourists love to take with them back home to get reminded of the breath-taking garden.