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Amboli Travel Guide

Amboli is one of the most majestic area which is surrounded by hills, fresh non-polluted air and many tourist spots that makes your vacation memorable.

The beautiful region of Amboli lies in the Sahyadri hills and is where closely located to the destination spot of Goa. The beautiful hill station is been highly visited by tourists because of its beauty and the splendid unexplored places that will surprise you. The waterfalls found in the region is very much famous beloved as the place receives the highest amount of rainfall in year which makes the stream flow throughout the year. Here are soke places to visit in the city-

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best tourists places in Amboli

  • The Amboli Waterfalls
  • The Durg and Dhakoba
  • The Madhavgad fort
  • The Shirgaonkar Point

The Amboli Waterfalls

As mentioned before the region receives very high rainfall which makes the waterfall look splendid most of the year. Surrounded with dense forests and green lands, the waterfall is surely a breath-taking place which will fit perfectly in all of your pictures. The falls is situated in the Sahyadri Hills and is rich in flora and fauna. The Amboli Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls found in this mesmerising place.

The Durg and Dhakoba

Both the peaks are very popular in the hilly region because of the serene views they serve and the picturesque landscape is totally enjoyable for sure. The plateau is located between Naneghat and Bhimashankar hill ranges and is very famous among people who love trekking. Also, if you are a nature longer then surely you will fall in love with this amazing tourist spot. With full of peace and fresh breeze flowing towards you, it is one of the bets destinations found in the city.

The Madhavgad fort

The spectacular mausoleum is inspired by the construction of Taj Mahal and it was constructed for Rabia- Ul - Daurani alias Dilras Banu Begum. She was the wife of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb who constructed this mausoleum for in 1661. The queen died in 1657 this majestic structure stands to date in her memory. The monument is also referred as Taj of the Deccan and is the largest structure built during Aurangzeb's rule. The beautiful monument and the surrounding garden are indeed a breath-taking place to visit and is highly visited by thousands of tourists every year.

The Shirgaonkar Point

Being a region completely blessed with abundant beauty due the n number of hilly lands located here, the city is been is lately getting very famous over the years. Among several points, the Shirgaonkar point is one of the most highly visited pints in the city. It is blessed with serene beauty and is located very close to the Main Bus stop.