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Vidisha Travel Guide

Vidisha has always been winning hearts for the beautiful n number of ancient buildings that make the city look more beautiful for sure.

The city has so many monuments that date back to the 2nd century that many people are interested in the rich history of the region. The small city amazes you with its rich history and culture. Along with that, there are many beautiful places here to explore as follows

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best tourists places in Vidisha

  • The Udayagiri Caves
  • The Udayeshwara Temple
  • The Salabhanjika
  • The Mahadeva Temple

The Udayagiri Caves

The ancient place presents twenty rock-cut caves which date back to the 5th century CE. Being one of the oldest Hindu temples found in the region to date, the Caves are a great historical spot that holds extreme religious value among the pilgrims who visit it. The caves are filled with many ancient inscriptions and are surrounded with absolute nature’s beauty to enjoy for sure. Tourists will find many rock shelters, ruined inscriptions and structures, water systems, and much more which indeed takes you to the ancient period.

The Udayeshwara Temple

The beautiful temple is located in Udaipur village and was founded by the Paramara King Udayaditya. The temple dates back to the 11th century AD and is well preserved with beautiful sceneries surrounding it for sure. The Udayeshwara Temple is made out of sandstone and as it di filled with intricate patterns and, tourists have been flooding the temple for years now. The temple is also dedicated to Lord Shiva, where tourists might find a mandapa and three entrances. The mandapa is actually the main hall of the temple and the Bhumija style of architecture issued to construct the temple is something that will leave you awe-struck for sure.

The Salabhanjika

The beautiful sculpture from the ancient period is one of the most attractive things you will find in the city. The sculpture is of a pretty woman who is standing in a tribhanga posture and surely has a uniqueness added to it. The sculpture traces back to the time between the 8th and 9th centuries AD. It was initially found at Gyaraspurand was named "Salabhanjika" which means “breaking a branch of a sala tree.” The sculpture is currently present in the museum of Gwalior along with all the other archaeological findings found in the region which are truly priceless. As per some legends the sculpture represents s the beauty of a lady who looks very, Queen Maya. The posture of the woman in the sculpture is said to be the position in which the Queen gave birth to her son Gautam Buddha under an Ashoka tree.

The Mahadeva Temple

The temple is one of the most famous shrines found in the city of Vidisha surrounded by beautiful sceneries and valleys, the temple looks more mesmerizing with its indeed spectacular architecture. The Sanctorum has a statue of a Jaina Tirthankara which is also considered to be a statue of Buddha by many legends as it has no such symbol typical to the 24 Tirthankaras. The intricately carved Shikhara is amazingly carved and the temple is filled with Jain Images.