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Ujjain Travel Guide

Ujjain is not only of the most beautiful cities in Madhya Pradesh but is also considered to be one of the most sacred lands of the state.

The city is one of the major parts of Kumbh Mela and thus is a very renowned Hindu pilgrimage site where thousand people visit the place every year. Also being famous for having one of the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines in the city, Ujjain has a very rich history to explore too!

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best tourists places in Ujjain

  • Jantar Mantar
  • The Ram Mandir Ghat
  • ISKCON Ujjain temple
  • Kaliadeh Palace

Jantar Mantar

The renowned architecture of Jantar Mantar (was constructed back in 17th century and is considered to be one of the oldest observatories in the region. Maharaja Jai Singh took started taking construction under his control in 1719 to make it a famous research station. By visiting the observatory, you can find out much the astronomical findings, time and other calculations which were done back in the days.

The Ram Mandir Ghat

The famous Ram Mandir Ghat is one of the most highly visited spots in the religious city. Having getting highly visited by the Hindu Worshippers, the pilgrimage site is one of the four sites where the huge Kumbh Mela takes place every 12 years. The bathing Ghat has been used for many years now and the water in this ghat is considered to be very holy. As per the belief a dip in this holy water will help you to wash away all the sins you have done.

ISKCON Ujjain temple

The holy temple is one of the most architecturally beautiful religious shrines located in the city. The sacred shrine is mostly made up of white marble and indeed is a delightful sight to look at in the region. The beauty of the temple is not only because of its unique architecture and structure but also as it surrounding with serene views, it is highly cherished by the worshippers visiting it. The idols of Radha Madhana Mohan, Sri Krishna and Balram and Sri Gauri Nitai are worshipped here. There are many shops surrounding eh temple too.

Kaliadeh Palace

The majestic palace was constructed back in 1458 AD alongside the Shipra River and is one of the true architectural wonders. The huge corridors, intricate patterns and the Persian style inscriptions found in the palace are eye catching making the place much more spending. Many great emperors were attracted to the palace including the Emperor Akbar and Jehangir who visited the beautiful monument to enjoy its beauty. However, the palace had to face a lot of damage back in the days but however after the reign of the Pindaris, it was reconstructed by Madhavrao Scindia and to date stands string in the region!