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Pachmarhi Travel Guide

Pachmarhi ahs been leading in tourism because of its gloriousness and abundant natural beauty that is been found here. The beautiful city is often known as the Queen of the Satpura Range and is renowned for being one of the most cherished UNESCO sites.

The city has many dense forests which has been home to wildlife and endangered species for over the ears now. There are many caves, waterfalls and many other attractive tourist spots which you should not miss at any chance for sure!

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best tourists places in Pachmarhi

  • The Handi Khoh
  • The Pandava Caves
  • The Bee falls-
  • The Jata Shankar Caves-

The Handi Khoh

The spectacular ravines are one of the most visited spots tourist spot in the region. It has been well known for its précised beauty and is located at 300 feet high which is covered surrounded with true beauty of nature. There is a huge area of the city covered with green carpet of many bushes and trees. The place also is very famous as Handi Khoh is considered to vert close to the powerful Lord Shiva.

The Pandava Caves

The holy caves are said to be the very place where Pandavas took shelter. The caves are one of the most blessed spots as it is filled with lush greenery and scenic views which will leave you awe-struck. Pandava stayed in the caves for a while during their exile period and thus the caves play a very important role in the Hindu mythology. Thus, many Hindu worshippers have been travelling from all around the globe to visit the place. There are a total of 5 caves located here. Many Buddhist monks have also been staying here.

The Bee falls

The majestic falls have been loved by many tourists and as there are many big waterfalls located here. The huge stream of water with the surrounded beautiful picturesque landscapes, is totally a breath-taking spot for sure. Bee falls is very important to the city of Pachmarhi because of it being a major source of drinking water for the entire society. Being such a famous picnic spot, you can spend a great time here with your family and friends for sure. The falls are cascading at a height of 35 metres and surely will make your vacation memorable.

The Jata Shankar Caves

The astounding caves are one of the many caves famously found in the city. The caves are very holy and have been included in many ancient inscriptions as it has a great story connected with it. As per the belief, the caves are the place where Lord Shiva concealed himself from the wrath of Bhasmasur and thus is visited by many tourists from around the globe. The caves have a Shivalingam which is naturally formed rocks form here a structure of the hundred headed snakes Seshnag. The Shivalinga is shadowed under huge rocks and is indeed a must to visit spot.