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Mandav Travel Guide

Mandav also known as Mandu is a city which is located with many architectural monuments in the city making it one of the famous cities in tourism in Madhya Pradesh.

Located in the rich region of Malwa, the city is also famous for one more thing expect its beauty and that is the famous love story of Prince Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati. With abundant natural beauty attracting many nature lovers from around the globe, the city has been preserving its historical monuments very well for sure

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best tourists places in Mandav

  • The Rani Rupmati’s Pavilion
  • The Jain temple
  • The Baz Bahadur’s Palace
  • Jami Masjid

The Rani Rupmati’s Pavilion

The majestic place was made by the Baz Bahadur for Rani Roopmati. She was a famous Hindu singer of the era and indeed was beautiful. As per the legends of the city she caught the eye of the King quickly and to express his love to the Rani, he constructed the beautiful place on the banks of holy river Narmada. It is said that the Rani was very much in love with the river that she would not even eat or drink anything until she sees the river.

The Jain temple

The holy shrine is one of the most visited places in the region and is indeed a true beauty describing the rich Indian architecture in detail. The temple is known for its ancient carvings and the structure of the temple also traces the Islamic methods of construction used back in the days. The Jain Temple is renowned for the different statues of Jain Tirthankaras and is blessed with abundant greenery surrounding it. There is also a park nearby it which makes the temple breath-taking.

The Baz Bahadur’s Palace

The marvellous palace was constructed by the ruler Baz Bahadur when he entered the lands of Mandu to rule it. The king’s palace is famous for its intricate patterns carved on the huge pillars of the palace and it was constructed back in the year of 1509. The architecture of the temple does not trace the Islamic style but is totally and purely designed in Rajasthani style. The hue palace is an architectural wonder gets visited by many tourists who wish to know in details about the King and the royalties who ruled the region of Mandav.

Jami Masjid

The holy masjid is purely built using red-stone making it shine brighter under the sunlight a it is believed to be one of the most architectural mosques you will find in the state. The mosque was constructed by Hoshang Shah but he couldn’t see the mosque after its completion as it took around 50 years to complete. The mosque’s construction was completed by the ruler Mohammed Khilji. The structure of the mosque is what attracting so many worshippers from around the globe as the beauty of the place is totally awe-striking to enjoy. The mosque is a must visit spot for sure.