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Gwalior Travel Guide

Gwalior is blessed with many tourist spots that it often becomes very tough for tourists to shorten the list. So here we are to present the top best 4 places to add to your list.

Gwalior is famous region which has forts, tombs, sacred temples ad much to discover here. The region is one of the most historical cities in the state and thus has huge importance. Know about the glorious past of the region and about all the royalties who lived here via the ancient monuments present here. Give a look at the best 4 places found here.

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best tourists places in Gwalior

  • The Tomb of Tansen
  • The Teli Ka Mandir
  • The Jai Vilas Palace
  • The Man mandir palace

The Tomb of Tansen

The famous tourist spot is indeed a marvellous monument which was constructed back in 15thy century. Once you cross the huge majestic gate there will be no palace to find inside but the Badal Mahal gate is an important spot for the region’s history. The gate has two huge minarets and an intricately carved arched which has been very skilfully crafted for sure.

The Teli Ka Mandir

The ancient fort was built during the reign of the Mughals and was constructed by the King Kirti Pal. Initially its construction completed during the 11th century but as the region faced many attacks by several huge dynasties it had to be reconstructed again and again. The fort also consists of Khilji Mosque, Hawa Paur, Naukhanda Palace and the tomb of Hazrath Abdul Rahman within its premises and is surrounded with absolutely breath-taking sceneries which will leave you surprised. The fort showcases the royalties who ruled the region and it itself has seen many armies fighting to win it over the decades.

The Jai Vilas Palace

The might palace is and impressive spot which shows how beautifully the monuments were constructed back in the history. The palace was built by the Sultan of Malwa, Mehmood Shah Khilji. It was constructed back in 1445 to symbolise the victory of Mehmood Shah in the over Sultan Mehmood Sharki. The Mahal consists of four mansions within its premises and is surrounded with lush greenery which is truly beautiful. The architecture of the massive structure with the while sandstone which was used to construct is makes the place very much attractive to visit.

The Man mandir palace

The Masjid is one of the highest visited tourist spots found in Gwalior and is a delightful place which has peacefulness spread in its atmosphere. The mosque traces back to the 15th century and is the only masjid found in the city which is so ancient. The mosque is built beautiful with many intricate carvings that you will find in its pillars and walls and with a huge prayer hall, it invites many worshippers around the world who love its beauty. The mosque is surrounded with scenic views and picturesque landscapes that will leave you awe-struck.