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Bhopal Travel Guide

Bhopal has been leading in tourism in the country and from the famous Bhopal street food to many tourist spots, the region is highly visited by n number of tourists every year.

The city has much to offer to every tourist visiting it and as there are many holy shrines located here, worshippers tend to get attracted to the sacred land of Bhopal every year. The region is also famous for its rich culture and as it has a very rich history, it is indeed interesting to keep knowing about Bhopal and its wonders. Here are the best 4 places that you should not miss at all in any chance.

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best tourists places in Bhopal

  • The Van Vihar
  • jama Masjid
  • Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya-
  • The Bhimbetka Rock Shelters-

The Van Vihar

The spectacular National Park is also a Zoological Space surrounded by the Upper Lake and Shymala Hills. The park is home to many animals and the dense forest is perfectly suitable for them. Animals like leopards, cheetah, Neelgai, panthers with many migratory birds are found. Other species include as kingfishers, bulbuls, and white tigers which are highly loved here. Covering an area of 4.45, the national park is well maintained is cherished by many wildlife lovers.

jama Masjid

The shrine is officially known as Taj-ul-Masajid which means crown among mosques and was constructed during the reign of Quidisiya Begum. Jama Masjid is renowned for its traditional Islamic architecture and is the largest mosque in India. The tall walls of mosque attract many and many devotees visit this place for enjoying its charm. The mosque is made up of red stones and is filled with carving and intricate designs.

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya

The splendid national museum dedicated to Anthropology, is surrounded with Shamla Hills which makes it look absolutely stunning. The shows changes that happened over the years and the evolution of mankind. Much knowledge about the tribal folks and culture and presented here and it is the only museum which consists of painted rock shelters having post-colonial repertoire of tribal groups. The museum is famous for its huge collection of ethnographic specimens and thew way it represents the culture followed in the pre-historic times.

The Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

This place houses one of the oldest cave paintings and is a world heritage site. If you want to find out about the rich historical things found in the region then Bhimbetka is the right spot for you to visit. The cave paintings show us a glimpse of rich history of the region and also of the pre-historic era. The caves were inhabited by people more than 100,000 years ago and thus it is something very precious found here. The Shiva temple’s construction located here was started 11th century but could never be completed. It consists of a huge Shiva Linga.