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Amarkantak Travel Guide

Here are the best 4 places to visit in the region of Amarkantak Amarkantak is also famously known as Teerthraj and is a renowned pilgrimage site in Madhya Pradesh. The beautiful region is surrounded with lush green valleys and is filled with huge mountain ranges.

The region is in Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges at an altitude of 1065 meters having a peaceful atmosphere surrounded here. Amarkantak is a hill station of dreams which has abundant scenic views to offer and as the holy river of Narmada river flows here, the region becomes ore sacred. Many temples are located here and here are few destination spots to visit here-

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best tourists places in Amarkantak

  • The Kapil Dhara
  • The Trimukhi temple
  • The Narmadakund temple
  • Mai ki Bagiya

The Kapil Dhara

The beautiful famous waterfall is one of the most visited spots in the region which has no religious traces. This destination is famous for being the very first waterfalls of the renowned river Narmada and is located very close to the sacred Narmadakund Temples and falls from the height of 100 feet. The waterfall is named after the sage Kapil Muni who is believed to live and mediate at this very place.

The Trimukhi temple

The ancient temple is located at hills surrounded with lush greenery and is also known as Karna Mandir. The temple is named after King Karnadeb Mahachandra, who built it and is dedicated to Powerful Hindu lord Shiva. The Hindu shrine is famous for its intricate carvings by Kalchuri craftsmen. The temple is a delightful tourist religious spot and is a must to visit temple which will bring peace to your mind and heart. The top of the shrine is sculpted with face of Lord Shiva and thus the unique architecture is something very attractive found here.

The Narmadakund temple

The complex is constructed to symbolise the origin of holy river of Narmada and consists of more than 23 statues of different Hindu idols here. The temple consists of 16 stone temples including the Lord Shiva Temple, Shri Ram Janki Temple, the Narmada Temple, Annapurna Temple, and Shri Radha Krishna Temple and other holy shrines. Narmadakund is one of the most visited religious shrines in the state and it covers an area of 6 acres of land surrounded with many huge trees and peacefulness which attracts many out there.

Mai ki Bagiya

The astounding garden is true meaning of what nature’s beauty is. Mai Ki Bagiya means to Mother's Garden and is dedicated to the Goddess Narmada. It is covered with dense forests and is a well- maintained garden which is highly loved by many nature lovers. The garden consists of many fruit trees and is also cherished for the rose plants found. Tourists will also find many monkeys in the region and many memorable attractions are found here. The temple present near the place is highly visited by many worshippers and the pilgrimage site is indeed glorious.