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Kadmat Travel Guide

As Lakshadweep is highly blessed with many islands one of the most beautiful ones present here is the Kadmat Island. Highly cherished by so many tourists out there, the island is blessed with wonderful blue lagoons. The island of Kadmat is cherished for the coral reefs and every traveller would just this peaceful island for sure. The island is also famous for the beach and the cool temperature of the region having a fresh atmosphere which will make you feel refreshed. The islands host many activities for the tourists to visit here and you can also find out about the place from the village located here which is also named as Kadmat.

This tourist spot is a part of Amindivi subgroups and being so attractive with its super clean shores, you will surely have a great time here. There are also many marine turtles and other aquatic animals found along with some very well renowned spas to visit. Have a relaxing massage and make some amazing memories with your loved ones. The sporty activities available to do here include scuba-diving, kayaking, snorkelling, paragliding and of course swimming. This long and narrow island is about 0.57 km wide covers an area of 3.20 sq. km. This island is having especially built many tourist huts to attract nature lovers who would like to try living a different life from the hectic life of cities. Many huge trees and green bushes are found here and coconut trees are very famous for sure. Tourists also reach this place to attend the famous Marine Wealth Awareness Programme tour which goes on for 6 days and for sure is very interesting to attend.

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Tourists can also enjoy the boating activities, riding yachts, skiing boats and can hire them for some time as per their choice. So many activities, water spots, white sand beaches, many sunrise and sunset watching points, spa and amazing local food are something that mainly attracts travellers. A walk on the beach side, enjoying the tropical fruits and coconuts, visiting the local bazars to look at the handicrafts, are the things that you must add to your list on what to do in Kadmat island if you are planning atrip to the spectacular place. Well, it is always advised that the island should be visited during the summers and not in monsoon season as the sea waves can be really high and you would not be able to enjoy boating and other water sports if its rainy. Also, as many tourists love sun bathing, it would be really hard to do so in monsoon season so better visit this amazing place during the summers. The people living in the village nearby the beach follow fishing as their occupation so fresh fishes are highly sold here too.