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Tso Moriri Travel Guide

Pleasantly situated in isolated, stunningly beautiful Rupshu Valley, the high-altitude Tso Moriri Lake is less than 250 kilometres southeast of Leh. Surrounded by high mountains, this tranquil lake is around 4,000 meters above ocean level. Tso Moriri is roughly 29 kilometres in length and as much as 8 kilometres wide. Tso Moriri draws in various natural lives, including migratory birds, marmots, and seldom the Tibetan wolves. Tso Moriri is a quiet, high-altitude lake in Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary.

Tso Moriri Lake in the Changthang area of Ladakh is quite possibly the most beautiful, quiet, and sacred (for Ladakhis) high altitude lakes in India. Indeed, it is the biggest high-altitude lake in India that is entirely in the Indian Territory. This gorgeous blue bed lake is around 7 KM wide at its broadest point and approximately 19 KM long. Being part of the wetland reserve under the Ramsar site, it is known as Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve. One can't set up any shelters or develop anything close to the banks of the lake as it's part of a wildlife sanctuary. Yet, one can choose accommodation in the camps around Tso Moriri lake, giving one a hypnotizing perspective on the lake. It is the most important Ramsar site on the planet. An enormous number of animal and plant life is found around there. Since it is close to the Line of Actual Control, one needs to get an Inner Line Permit to visit Tso Moriri.

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  • Tso Moriri Lake

Tso Moriri Lake

The stunning multi shades of blue tone offered by this lake alongside the beautiful scenery around gives this spot a breathtaking feel. Though, the place is very harsh and brutal to endure, particularly in winters. There is just one proper accommodation available around the lake and the offices like power, clinical guide, hot running water, western toilets, and so forth are uncommon to discover. The lack of sufficient oxygen makes endurance troublesome if your body isn't accustomed to its high altitude, and thus, one needs to design his/her trip very cautiously to make it a pleasant, sickness-free trip.

From January to March, Tso Moriri remains, for the most part, frozen with incredibly chilly conditions, which makes it impossible to camp around the lake. In April, it begins to liquefy and starts changing into the delightful multi shades of blue tones off the shores. During May, June, July, and August, the lake sees a good influx of tourists; however, when contrasted with Pangong Tso, it gets less number of travellers. Also called the Mountain Lake, Tso Moriri is one of the two most mainstream lakes in the Ladakh district of the northern Indian province of Jammu and Kashmir. While Pangong Tso is the more mainstream out of the two, it's Tso Moriri that figures out how to blow the guests' mind with its peaceful magnificence.

While the impression of snow-clad mountains inundated in the clean waters of the lake quiets your spirit, the outlandish transitory birds hovering over the magnificent lake will make you begin to look all starry-eyed at nature. Various birds can be spotted at Tso Moriri, like the bare-headed goose, the great-crested grebe, the Brahmin duck, and the brown-headed gull. Himalayan bunnies are abundantly found here as well. The lake is encircled by high mountains, making it a secret pearl in the desert place known for Ladakh. It is an ideal travel location for an unconventional explorer, just as the individuals who wish to investigate the immaculate excellence of Ladakh. One can witness the changing tones of the lake and fall head over heels for nature once more with a visit to Tso Moriri.

It should be noted that since April 2017, the Indian government has made it compulsory for visitors (non-occupants of Jammu and Kashmir) to secure an Inner Line Permit for Leh Ladakh to visit the protected area. The Inner Line Permit can be obtained online by visiting the official site and visiting the "Issue" option, trailed by the "domestic client" alternative on the website. The permit fee is INR 400 (ecological expenses) per individual, with an extra INR 20 as the Inner Line expense.

Best Time to Visit Tso Moriri

Tso Moriri is situated in the Changtang district in the Union Territory of Ladakh, which encounters frigid temperatures throughout the cold weather months. While the lake stays frozen between the long periods of November and April, the summer months is an ideal time to visit Tso Moriri to appreciate the excellence at its pinnacle, which is at the same time the best time to visit Ladakh.