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Magnetic Hill Travel Guide

It is the cyclops hill near the Leh in Ladakh in India. It is mid of Leh and Kargil highway. The car, bike and objects on the road may appear to roll uphill upon the gravity but are actually on the downhill.

It is in the mid of Nimmoo and Srinagar. The hill stands a stunning defies gravity. The adventurous point lies where the parking vehicle in neutral moves uphill by itself against gravity. It is something sensation and magnetises hundreds of tourists. The place offers a perfect picture ambience to click photographs and record videos. Let us see some of its lovely places here.

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Best Tourists Places In Magnetic Hill

  • Hall of Fame
  • Gurudwara Pather Sahib
  • Sangam
  • Alchi monastery or Buddhist Monastic Complex

Hall of Fame

Here is a perfectly decorated and museum maintained by the Indian Army. The motive of the construction is to pay respect and memorise them for life who lost their lives in the Indo-Pakistan war. This museum has pictures of war heroes and stories which exhibit their pride, arms and ammunitions from the entrance to the gallery. The scenario and the brave essence from the museum fill the heart of the visitors. We can get the same pride and love for our nation from the people-savers through visiting this place.

Gurudwara Pather Sahib

It is a charming place to explore, built in the sixteenth century. A beautiful shrine twenty-four-kilometre wavy from the Leh city leads us to the place. During Guru Nanak’s era, the place has the pride of his visit. Tibetan Buddhists pay massive respect to the temple. Thousands of pilgrims visit here every year with enormous hope and respect for the shrine. Indian army takes care of this place and maintains it well.


Zanskar’s Sangam and Indus river is an intriguing place to explore. It gives the place to rest from the hustling-bustling city. Blue shiny Indus supports the highway before the entrance of the tourists. Adventurers can experience the muddy Zanskar emerge, giving various colours to an extent. Most people love rafting in the gushing waters.

Alchi monastery or Buddhist Monastic Complex

It is a place built during the tenth and eleventh century. It stands beautifully amidst the mountains and snowy peaks. This complex houses wall paintings, ancient architecture and a peaceful aura that enhances the tourists. It also holds the tall and patient Buddha statue. Wood and bright painted ceilings provide an incredible feast to the visitors. It is slightly away from Leh city.
People believe that this is a magnetic hill, but actually, it is an illusion of lights. It induces visual deception. This shows the downgoing road as upside moving. You feel the opposite when going upslope, but nothing defies the laws of nature. As this is a hill, the place is suitable for trekking, rafting and other adventure activities. All the surprises of this place lie in the phenomenon of gravity and the source of mother nature. Get ready with your trekking shoes and sweaters for the tour. Visit the site of mystery to experience total wealth.