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Chang La Travel Guide

At the height of 17,586 ft., Chang La is the third most noteworthy motorable road on the planet. The Himalayan mountain pass is situated out and about from Leh to Pangong Tso in the Union Territory of Ladakh.

Tranquil and serene, the place gets snowfall throughout the year. The Pass gets its name from the sanctuary devoted to a Changla Baba. Chang La lies on National Highway 21, otherwise called the Leh-Manali Highway. While driving through the Chang La Pass, one can see stone-faced mountains on one side and deep cliffs on the other side. As you arrive at the highest point of the Chang La pass, it opens a wide vista of snow-capped mountains. Changla Pass is the primary passage for the Changthang Plateau arranged in the Himalayas. The Pass is situated on the 134 km-long (83 mi) path between Pangong Lake and Leh. Road closures are frequent, so one should check before venturing out. The way to the summit is, for the most part, cleared, with some rocky areas. It is driveable by a wide range of vehicles. The Pass, protected and kept up by the Indian Army (due to its proximity to the Chinese line), is covered with snow consistently.

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Chang La

As you arrive at the highest point of the mountainous road, you are welcomed by a sign of the Indian Army reporting the accomplishment you have recently accomplished by driving up to Chang La top. The Chang La leads to the Changthang Plateau. Chang La is headed to Pangong Lake. An Inner Line Permit is needed for visiting Chang La as it is a restricted region. The permit can be effectively scored from the Divisional Commissioner's office in Leh. In any case, the permits are given distinctly for three weeks. You can get the adventure of your life by trekking to Changla Pass. There are a couple of notable routes, yet the adrenaline begins siphoning on the lesser-known trails or those less taken, which were once famous for connecting India to Tibet.

When planning a visit to this place, some things must be kept in mind due to the cold, chilly weather conditions and less oxygen because of the elevation. 15 - 20 minutes would be the ideal time one can spend on the Changla pass and appreciate the snow alongside the views of the snow-capped mountains as numerous guests experience shortness of breath. Completely comfortable and warm clothes with ears covered and proper footwear is an absolute necessity, and it is ideal to have warm water regularly to bear the cold environment. The oxygen diminishes as you move higher, and you may encounter cerebral pains or nausea, so it is ideal for travelling with a medical kit containing meds for height disorder, migraines, nausea, and so forth as a precaution.

Some places worth seeing around Chang La pass are Nubra Valley, Pangong Lake, Hemis Gompa, and Tso Moriri lake. Even though the Changla Pass has outrageous cold and crisp breezes that can blow you away, the unique perspectives from this area leave any guest wondering and will be an essential experience of the trip.

There aren't any alternatives to eat at the Changla Pass except for tea shops, where you can likewise get a few bread rolls to get revived and proceed with your trip.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Changla Pass is between May and October as the roads just open during these months. The best season to drive through the Pass in summer. The Pass stays open for travellers from mid-May to October, yet the loveliest months are May and June. The Pass remains closed and off-limits to tourists during the harsh winters.