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Chadar Trek Travel Guide

Chadar Trek is the most pursued and one of the stunning journeys in the Himalayas. The colder time of year journey is so uncommon for the prepared individuals to have experience at the most extreme level.

The journey begins from Chilling, where the waterway starts to freeze. For the most part, explorers pick February as the best and ideal opportunity to cross the frozen channel as the ice sheets will be nearly steady. The unstable snow-chips would present serious dangers during the journey, yet the provokes would be benevolent to the traveller later. The encompassing of the waterway are upward bluffs tall up to 600 meters. The Zanskar River is a feeder of the Indus and is 5 meters in length. A traveller would need to cover 16 km each day to finish the Chadar Trek. Usually, individuals choose 10-15 days of trip contingent upon the climatic conditions enduring here. The temperature at Chadar will go to the least at - 35 degree Celsius during winter, and consequently, Chadar Trek turns out to be scary. Surmised journeying distance one would need to cover altogether is 75 km.

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Best Tourists Places In Chadar Trek

  • Zanskar Valley
  • Pensi La
  • Parkachik Glacier
  • Barding Gompa

Zanskar Valley

Situated in the Kargil region toward the east of Ladakh (around 105 km) lies the charming Zanskar Valley. Articulated as Zahar or Zangskar locally, it is isolated from Ladakh by the Zanskar mountain range, a piece of The Tethys Himalayas. Zanskar is known for crude scene and is generally gone for travelling and river rafting. The semi-desert district is flanked by snow-covered mountains and shining clean rivers alongside flora and fauna. The least demanding method of arriving at Zanskar is from Kargil through Suru Valley. It is cut off from the remainder of the world for more than nine months of the year due to weighty snowfall around there. The difficult Chadar Trek embraces the solitary method of arriving at Zanskar throughout the cold weather from December to February.

Pensi La

Pensi La: Known as the Gateway to Zanskar, this is a moderately more uncomplicated pass to cross when contrasted with different passes in Ladakh. You will be on top of the key before you even understand that you are scaling. The plummet from Pensi La towards Zanskar valley is more extreme than the move up from Rangdum, yet not very troublesome. Pensi La is 4,400 m (14,436 ft) above ocean level and interfaces the Suru Valley district to the Zanskar Valley area.

Parkachik Glacier

Located at a bit of distance from Parkachik, it is a magnificent glacier dropping gradually down the slants of Nun and Kun tops. You can approach the glaciers utilizing a suspension footbridge over the Suru river. Gigantic pieces of ice incidentally strip off the 300 ft mountain of Nun Kun and fall into the Suru River, giving a great perspective on the tremendous ice-fall.

Barding Gompa

The seventeenth-century Bardang Gompa is situated on a sheer peak transcending the Lungnak River, a feeder of the Zanskar. It has a place with the Dugpa-Kargyud devout request. It has a gigantic Dukhang, get-together lobby, and numerous different constructions around the Dukhang. On a typical day, barely any priests are to be seen, and the blurring tones and remarkable wall paintings reproduce the hundreds of years passed by viably. This abbey is famous for the antiquated celebration marks and attractive copper prayer wheel.
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