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Alchi Travel Guide

All the people who are looking up for ways in which they can add up great support to their adventure must give a visit to Alchi. Bringing on the support with the visit to such a place is fantastic. It is one of the most popular and astonishing places where one can pay a visit.

Straight from the village of Ladakh, you can visit here and make the most out of it. It falls on the bank of the river Indus where one can play a visit and enjoy the best of their vacation. It carries up the Himalayan range, which in turn gives the view of the mountain. It is not just the perfect place for visiting all the time, but it is an excellent location for people in love with the ancient monastery.

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Best Tourists Places In Alchi

  • Alchi Monastery
  • Du-Khang
  • Manjushri Temple
  • Alchi Gompa

Alchi Monastery

Being one of the best and reliable tourists attraction, this monastery gives the best to people who are paying a visit here. Being the best attraction of Leh Ladakh, it is just around 70 km away from Jammu and Kashmir. It is even known as the Buddhist monastery, which is the oldest yet the best. It was created from a very long time of the Hindus as well as Buddhists king.


It is the best meeting hall and even the most delicate part of the Alchi monastery where one can enjoy at its best. Du-Khang is the religious place where most of the rituals take place. Most of the people who are Buddhist followers would love paying a visit here. Not just the artist beauty, but one can add up the flow of happiness here. For adding peace to mind and soul, it is one of the best places to visit.

Manjushri Temple

Being the most significant temple of all time, it is one of the fantastic places in Alchi. Bodhisattva is the place of Mahayana fiction where one can know about history at its best. This temple is just adjacent to the lotsawa la-Khang, which is the district of Leh Ladakh. Being created in the 12th century, it is a must to go place for all individuals to have a better time with their loved ones and know about the place history.

Alchi Gompa

It is the finest temple where people can pay a visit. Adding up the support and great strength is all you need; that is what you get while visiting the temple. Located near Alchi city, anyone who wishes to go and enjoy the time with their loved ones is one of the best places. Being created in the old century, the beauty of this place is a must-watch. So, add on the best that you can by looking for the best places in Alchi.