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Thrissur Travel Guide

Thrissur being culturally very much important for the state, many festivals celebrated here are cherished worldwide.

The city is famous for the temples, huge architectural monuments and some shinning picnic spots which will take your breath away. The city is also renowned for festivals organised in each of its very famous temples, and the city’s name indicates” Three temples of Lord Shiva”. Thus, making the land very religious here are the top best 4 places to visit here.

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best tourists places in Thrissur

  • Kerala Kalamandalam
  • The Charpa Falls
  • Vadakkumnathan
  • The Thrissur Zoo

Kerala Kalamandalam

The astounding centre promoting arts and rich culture of the region on the banks of the Bharathapuzha River is famous for the abundant nature’s beauty found here. Tourist get highly attracted to the region as it is highly blessed with many art forms portrayed indeed beautifully here. The teachers in the centres will be your guide letting you know about the region’s rich art forms and the tradition of the place. From classical Indian dances like Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Nangiar Koothu, and much more to music and traditional orchestra called Panchavadyam is very famous here. Many students come to the pave to learn what true art form of Kerala is.

The Charpa Falls

Want to know what true nature’s beauty is? Then visit the spectacular waterfalls. The Charpa waterfall is known for the lush greenery surrounding it and the huge streak of crystal-clear water here is something that will make you fall in love with the place. Tourists enjoy the Athirappilly Falls too which are close to the Charpa falls and you can also visit the famous Lake Vachumaram. Thus, almost three other famous tourist spots are located very close to each other here.


The shrine is located in majestic region with beautiful sceneries surrounding it and is known for one of the finest ancient murals locate here. There are many paintings found here and the temple is around 1000 years old making it very ancient and architecturally splendid. The shrines of Mahavishnu and Shankaranarayan along with Koothambalam are some of the many things here which will leave you awe-struck. Although the temple is only open for the Hindus, people from other religion do visit the temple from outside to enjoy the delightful sight of its amazing structure.

The Thrissur Zoo

Also known as the Trichur Zoo, the zoo was established back in the year 1885. Having many species living here, the zoo covers an area of 13.5 acres of land and also has a museum inside it. The astounding Botanical garden, zoological garden and the huge museum are some extra additions in the zoo. Species like tigers, lions, deer, pink flamingos, lion-tailed macaques and much more are found here. A special part of the zoo is dedicated for the retiles including King Cobras, Python, Vipers and other Snakes are found in the zoo. From knowing the rich history if the region via the art museum here to knowing about the different regional animals all types in information is obtained here.