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Thalassery Travel Guide

The small town of Thalassery is filled with panoramic views making the town much more famous worldwide.

The beautiful historical region is famous for being one of the first main cities where British first settled after they entered Kerala. The town of Thalassery has abundant nature's beauty and is renowned for its rich past which traces to every monument present here. You trip to Kerala will not be completed at all if you miss Thalassery and its famous bakeries. From famous sweet dishes and cakes to many tourist spots there are many reasons to visit the city and the top 4 places are mentioned below.

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best tourists places in Thalassery

  • Sree Jagannath Temple
  • Dharmadam Thuruth
  • The Thalassery Fort
  • Kannur

Sree Jagannath Temple

This temple in Thalassery was brought together by Sree Narayan Guru and was famous as the rituals here were conducted by Non-Brahmins. Thus, the old caste system in India was put to an end here and since 1908 the temple is cherished for its architecture and beauty. It was opened to Harijans in the 1920s, and the temple matched to the one present in Puri. It is dedicated to the powerful Hindu Lord Shiva and idol placed here is made up of Panchaloha. Panchaloha indicated the combination of five metals making an alloy.

Dharmadam Thuruth

If you call yourself a nature lover then this place is the right destination spot for you. This island surrounded by the Arabian Sea is filled with picturesque landscapes and the true beauty of nature. Blessed with dense forests the island is famous for the n number of coconut trees, palms trees found here along with others. You can reach the island easily by enjoying an amazing boat ride over the crystal-clear water.

The Thalassery Fort

The historical majestic fort was constructed back in 1703 when East India Company entered the lands of Kerala to begin their rule and show their power. The fort was centre of attraction during the British rule and was the major centre were manty military higher officials of the British army stayed and ruled the region. There is a light house and Brenner cemetery found here along with a holy church of St. Rosary. The structure of the fort is square shaped and with massive walls and arches it complete look mind-blowing. The unique architecture and the carvings found here will leave awe-struck and the fort is a must to visit spot for sure.


It is one of the most relaxing centres in Kerala and as the region is blessed with refreshing atmospheres and serves as a very good vacation spot too. The beautiful town has many beaches, ancient temples, historic monuments and amazing restaurant to try different Indian cuisine especially the famous Kerala snacks. Being one of the most important centres during the colonial era in the British reign, the place is field with many monuments built during the East India Company rule.