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Kochi Travel Guide

When we think about Kerala, Kochi is one of themany beautiful cities that comes to our mind first. With astounding locations this commercial port city is blessed with many islands, finest historical monuments and many shopping hubs which you must visit.

The city is also known as Cochin and is the industrial capital of Kerala. Here is the best a must to visit places that we have chosen for you to add to your bucket list.

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best tourists places in Kochi

  • The Mattancherry Palace
  • The Jewish Synagogue
  • The Willingdon Island
  • Fort Kochi

The Mattancherry Palace

The Portuguese palace is now a turned museum which attracts many tourists a lot for its rich historical significance. The palace belonged to many royal dynasties and rajas of Kochi and its fascinating history plays a very important role in the history of Kerala. Many valuable artefacts and sculptures are found here and along with that this Kerala style palace is surrounded with lush greenery and holy temple making it more attractive. Find out about the beloved Cochin rajas here as a detailed information via murals that are present here.

The Jewish Synagogue

One of the most beautiful and oldest Synagogue known is the Jewish Synagogue located inthe Jew town. It was built back in in 1567 and has common walls with the Mattancherry Palace thus two most cherished tourist spots are very close to each other here. Many antique, sculptures, chandeliers and paintings are found here. The traditional classic architecture of the Synagogue is really attractive and was built by Spanish- speaking Jews. Being to date active, the Synagogue is one of the rarest Synagogues found in the country.

The Willingdon Island

The manmade island is one of the largest in the country and in situated between Kochi port and national and international port. The islands are name after Lord Willingdon and you can enjoythe ferry ride to visit the islands. Many explorers and nature lovers easily get attracted to the islands. Filled with huge trees and fresh atmosphere the Wellington Island is famous for the shopping bazars, its famous local street food especially fish dishes and even has a museum which is totally breath-taking for sure. Visit the spectacular islands for a nice peaceful vacation far from the stressful polluted atmosphere of city.

Fort Kochi

The town located in the south-western part of Kochi is totally awe-striking with its uniquePortuguese monuments displaying the rich history of the region. The monuments bult here by the Dutch and Portuguese are the primaryattractions found here. The monuments built back during the rule of Portuguese and Dutch and to date the many tourists fly to the region to know about the colonialism. The fort is one of the many monuments and is famous for the many dynasties that it has seen with Dutch Chinese andPortuguese. The fort has many structures, churches and sculptures dating back to many years before the rule of British.