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Kannur Travel Guide

Kannur is one of the most beauty cities you will find in Kerala. The fond for the city will increase once you exploreits beautiful beaches and touristplaces that are found here. Blessed with many ancient temples and monuments found here the region is famous for the historical significance that you might discover.

With abundant architectural buildings tracing back to the era of Portuguese and Dutch, here are the topbest 4 places that you should visit at any chance for sure.

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best tourists places in Kannur

  • The Payyambalam beach
  • St Angelos Fort
  • The Parassinikadavu Snake Park
  • Palakkayam Thattu

The Payyambalam beach

The picturesque view of the Choor Chadni peak is located around 3600 m above the sea level and is one of the most visited by tourists who visit the place at a wider range. The region is located in an astonishing place with greenery filled and so many mountains and cool climate. The Choordhar Mountains here are very famous and also if you love mountain climbing and trekking then this is the perfect spot to visit especially in a nice sunny day. Perfect for photo shoots and breath-taking views do not forget to add this to your list.

St Angelos Fort

If you are a nature’s lover then do not miss a single chance to visit the Suketi Fossil park. The beautiful place is actually located on the clear banks of Markanda River and it is the first park in the entire continent which was constructed on the exact place where the actual fossils were found here. Well, the fossils of animals that were found here gives us a good look and glimpse of the historic period, and you will find the models of these animals to know about them in detail. These animals used to live on the lands around 8.5 million years ago and models of Elephants and huge tortoise are found here which are very famous. You can find models of other giant species which has got extinct and some that do not even exist now.

The Parassinikadavu Snake Park

Being one of the famous snake parks found in the country, the park is the house for many reptiles. Around 150 species of crocodiles, lizards, snakes are found here. Being famous for saving many rarely found species the park also protects wild mammals and aquatic animals. The park wasmainly established to aware public regarding severalsuperstitionswhich are related to snakes and snakebites. The park is not only filled with ush greenery hut also provides deep information of several species which attracts many wildlife lovers.

Palakkayam Thattu

Situated around 3500 feet above the sea level, the beautifulhill station is filled with dense greenery, huge majestic hills and the scenic viewof Palakkayam Thattu. This hill station is very much famous among adventuroustourists and trekkers too. The magnificent trekking destination has many cottages and hotels to stay and enjoy your vacation with your loved ones here. As most of the hilly region is still left untouched you will absolutely fall in love with the region. Once you reach to the top of the hill, a clear full view of city is something that will live you awe-struck.