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Uttara Kannada Travel Guide

Uttara Kannada is indeed a beautiful place which is highly blessed with many beaches and clear view of what true pure nature is.

The region is not only famous for its beaches and crystal-clear water found to dive in but also there are many beautiful tourist places including religious sites that will make your trip to Uttara Kannada very much spectacular and remarkable. As the city is very much close to the vacation spot of Goa and many tourists have been exploring it and is totally left awe-struck. Here are top best places to visit in Uttara Kannada.

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best tourists places in Uttara Kannada

  • The Kali Tiger Reserve
  • Murudeshwar
  • Half Moon beach
  • Vibhuti Falls

The Kali Tiger Reserve

Also renowned as Anshi National Park is a protected area which is dedicated for the protection of tigers. The park is filled with natural greenery and dense forests and the protected area is renowned for housing Bengal tigers, elephants and panthers. Covering an area of 1300 square kilometres, the holy Kaveri river flows inside the forest.


The religious temple is a renowned pilgrimage site and is famous for being the world's second tallest Shiva statue. The Murudeshwar temple traces back to the era of Ramayana and is dedicated to Sri Lokankara. The temple is surrounded by water and the 20-stroeid gopura of the temple is something awe-striking found here. There is also a lift here so that you can get a look at the breath-taking view of the temple from top. The temple’s main deity is Sri Mridesa Linga which is believed to be a part of the Atma Linga and thus this temple plays a very important role in Hindu mythology.

Half Moon beach

The crystal-clear beach is one of the best beaches to be visited in the region of Uttara Kannada, Blessed with beautiful scenic views. The beach is also a favourable spot about several trekkers around the world. You van visit the beach by either trekking or can go for the boating facilities that are available from another astounding beach named OM beach in the city. There are also many local food stalls found here from where you can try out the yummy local food of the region.

Vibhuti Falls

The spectacular waterfalls in Uttara Kannada is one of the best waterfalls that you will come across in your trip to the city. The term Vibhuti means Limestone and it is named as Vibhuti falls due the limestone rocks found in the region. The water flows through these limestone rocks found in Yana only makes the place much more magnificent and attractive. Tourists can enjoy the fresh clear water flowing here and along with that the pleasant atmosphere and the voice of birds chirping in distance is something that will totally leave you awestruck for sure.