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Shimoga Travel Guide

A pleasant city filled with extreme nature’s beauty and many hills is the city of Shimoga. Many trekkers and nature lovers find their interests in the city as it is one of the highly blessed regions which is filled with mountains, paddy fields, wildlife, forests and much more to explore here.

Thus, there is a huge list of many tourist spots to explore here and as many rich huge dynasties ruled the region, the history of the region is also something attractive that you will find here. Here are the top best 4 places that you must visit in Shimoga.

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best tourists places in Shimoga

  • Keladi
  • Honnemaradu
  • The Kodachadri Hills
  • The Jog Falls


This amazing village has been winning hearts because of its lovely atmosphere and beautiful scenic views that you will hardly find anywhere else. The village was once the capital of the Keladi Nayaka Kingdom and thus has a very rich history along with many remaining found from the past. It all is saved carefully in the Keladi temple. The Keladi Rameshwara Temple is a holy shrine located here which is visited by many devotes and it is devoted to Lord Rameshwara.


Another small yet astounding village found in the district is Honnemaradu. The village is located in lush greenery and surrounded valleys which make it awe-striking and it an adventurous tourist spot. Many camps are organised here along with many water sports to try out. Visit the beautiful Dabbe falls and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

The Kodachadri Hills

The hills surrounded by the Western Ghats and evergreen forests is something that you need to escape from the hustle and bustle of city. The beautiful region is amazingly filled with nature’s beauty and this place will be perfect for a trekker too. Situated at 4411 feet above the sea level, the astounding facilities here for trekkers also helps all the newbies too and there is also a Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary located here which attracts many wildlife lovers out there.

The Jog Falls

Being the second highest waterfall in the country, the Jog falls gets visited by many tourists in a year and has been cherished for its clear water falling from the height of 253 m. It indeed looks much more splendid during the monsoon season and has many streams to look at. The falls will also fit in your pictures making every minute that you end here much more memorable. The four streams located her here the Raja, Rani, Roarer, and Rocket each having a different view and a different characteristic.