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Mangalore Travel Guide

Situated in beautiful region of the state Karnataka, Mangalore is been highly blessed with surprising tourist spots along with some best scenic views that you will ever get to see.

The city is been famous for the beauty of surroundings including Arabian sea and Western Ghats and along with that the rich cuisine so the city which includes amazing sea food and tastiest local snacks are something that will drag you toward the city again and again. To know about the beautiful region in much more details, we have listed out the top best 4 place that will give you a true information of what Mangalore exactly is?.

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best tourists places in Mangalore

  • The Kadri Hill Park
  • The Kudroli Gokarnanatha Temple
  • St Aloysius Chapel
  • The Kadri Manjunatha Temple

The Kadri Hill Park

Located in the midst of true natural beauty, the Kadri park is famous for housing some of the beloved wild species here. The garden is not only famous for being so greenery filled and beautiful but also it the City’s most popular picnic spot as many famous but rare species often are seen here. From different migratory birds to some animals like deer and much more species of butterflies are found here. Some other major attractions of the park include toy train and the renowned flower shows which is organized here once in a year.

The Kudroli Gokarnanatha Temple

The historical temple was constructed back in 1912 and was consecrated by Sri Narayana Guru. It was constructed for the Billava community as the community was not allowed to enter the temples during that the period. The temple is dedicated to Gokarnanatheshwara. The surrounding of the temples is indeed awe-striking and the main temple is constructed in the south-Indian style like you will find in Tamil Nadu.

St Aloysius Chapel

The beautiful Catholic Church is one of the primary attractions in the region and is located in Lighthouse Hill amazingly. The place is rich with many historical paintings found here and the breath-taking views found here is something to be cherished. The paintings were painted by an Italian Jesuit named Antonio Moscheni on the year back in 1899 making this place much more authentic. Visit this religious place and enjoy its beautiful scenic views and architecture.

The Kadri Manjunatha Temple

The holy shrine was constructed back in 1068 AD and is surrounded the picturesque landscapes of the Kadri hills. The temple holds the powerful deity of Manjunatha and is renowned among so many tourists for its amazing Vijanagri style and architecture. It is believed that the Temple was constructed with the help of Vishwakarma and it is also very much famous for the Kashi Bhageerathi Theerth. As per the legends the river of Bhageerathi in Kashi is the source for the water flowing in this beautiful region and thus it is considered to be very much holy by the worshippers.