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Madikeri Travel Guide

One of the most renowned hill towns located in the state of Karnataka is Madikeri. The beautiful town is filled with lush greenery and dreamy huge hills which makes the atmosphere here much fresher and you can easily escape from the stress of city life.

From many historical regions to many picnic spots, there are many regions to visit. With no pollution, no garbage, the city is well-maintained and indeed very splendid. Here are the top best 4 places that you should know about.

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best tourists places in Madikeri

  • The Abbey Falls
  • The Madikeri Fort
  • The Raja's Seat
  • The Namdroling Monastery

The Abbey Falls

The beautiful waterfalls are also known as Abbi falls and is one of the most visitable places for sure. The waterfall is located near a coffee plantation site and is spread with lush greenery and amazing atmosphere. The picturesque landscape will totally win your heart and is also an amazing trekking spot. The falls can be reached after climbing 200 steps and the water from the falls will join the holy river Kaveri. You can have a lot of fun with your friends and family here.

The Madikeri Fort

The majestic ancient fort is famous for its rich history and it shows the royalty of Coorg in details. The fort was constructed back in 17th century and has scenic views surrounding it. The fort was built by Muddu raja when Madikeri was announced as the capital of the region. Many royal Kings kept ruing the region by making this fort as their home and today the Madikeri’s Deputy Commissioner lives here. You can find many ancient things including, scriptures, sculptures and artefacts found here to make it look more royal and ancient.

The Raja's Seat

The beautiful tourist place was constructed to get the clear view of the beautiful city amazingly. Surrounded with a spectacular garden, you will find many pretty flower beds along with fountains and an awesome picnic spot. The garden was a favourite spot for many ancient Kings as they loved spending some time in the beautiful place with their Queens. Also, there are many hills found surrounding it so you can look at the sun set and sunrising firm here. The breath-taking view is enjoyed by many tourists who visit the place.

The Namdroling Monastery

This Tibetan teaching centre which follows Buddhism is known as the 'Golden Temple'. The Namdroling Monastery promoted Buddhism and highlights the Tibetan Architecture along with different spectacular murals found here. It is home to more than 5000 members of Sangha community and was founded back in 1963. Spread around 80 square feet, you will find many golden statues here including of Guru Padmasambhava, and Buddha Sakyamuni along with other statues. Many Tibetan paintings and ancient sculptures are found here which makes the holy place look much more remarkable in real. The area is surrounded with a beautiful huge garden and the atmosphere here has calmness in it for sure.