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Hubli Travel Guide

Also known as Hubballi, Hubli is a region filled with hills and lush greenery and is a renowned vacation spot among tourist.

The region is filled rich historical significance and is well cherished for its architectural structures and monuments. It is famous for being a very artistic and historically during the 12 century it was a land of literature and arts. It is second largest city by population in the state and here are some awesome tourist places to explore here that you should not miss at any chance.

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best tourists places in Hubli

  • The Unkal Lake
  • The Siddharoodha Math
  • Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden
  • The Chandramouleshwara Temple

The Unkal Lake

The lake is one of the most beautiful lakes found in the region. The lake will give one of the best views to capture in your cameras and along with that you can enjoy the boating facilities here too. There is a stunning statue of Swami Vivekanda in the center of the lake which looks absolutely awe-striking with the clear water of the lake.

The Siddharoodha Math

The Siddharoodha Math is dedicated to Shri Sidharoodha Swamy, and is one of the holiest destination spots to discover in the city of Hubli. The math is celebrated for the rich Hindu culture at a wider range and is one of the best tourist places to explore here. The Siddharoodha Math has served to every person visiting it irrespective of their caste and religion. Along with famous Muslin disciples Kabirdas and Parampoojya Shri Kalavati Devi who visited the holy place some renowned freedom fighters include Mahatma Gandhi visited the math to explore its calmness and uniqueness.

Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden

The spectacular glasshouse is indeed an astounding garden and with picturesque landscapes to discover. The garden is very much similar to the Lalbagh located in Bangalore and is famous for several events and concerts conducted here. The surroundings of the garden are for sure breath-taking and wide varieties of plants, trees and lushed greenery is something you would love to see here. The garden is also blessed with some intricate sculptures, and musical fountain. The gorgeous glass house is also a place where you can find about details of several medicinal plants.

The Chandramouleshwara Temple

- The temple traces back to the Badami Chalukyan era that is temple was constructed around 900 years back. The beautiful traditional architecture of the temple along with the banks of Unkal lake. The ancient temple is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva and Ancient Monuments and has typical traditional carvings on it. This Chalukyan temple right here consist of 2 Shiva Lingas and has total four massive doors to enter it. Surrounding with a pleasant atmosphere which has a unique calmness in it. The temple gets highly visited by worshippers during the Hindu festivals.