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Hospet Travel Guide

Hospet also known as Hospete is a historical region located on Karnataka which is highly blessed with many monuments and historical architectures to find out about.

The city is also known for having great bazars to shop from and the sandalwood sculptures and perfume are some of the things that you should indeed give a look at. Hospet has been beloved for its scenic beauty and is also named as one of the world heritages sites by UNESCO. Here are some of the best tourist attractions you will find here!

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best tourists places in Hospet

  • The Chitragani Mahal
  • The Tungabhadra Dam
  • The Virupaksha temple
  • The Archaeological museum of Hospet

The Chitragani Mahal

Also famously known as the lotus Mahal or the Kamal Mahal this beautiful architecture was once home to many huge dynasties and the Kings and Queens who lived here to rule the kingdom of Vijayanagara. The palace is named so because of its stunning structure which highly resembles the lotus bud. The huge domes and archways are something which will attract you highly to the palace and along with that the lush greenery spread surrounding the marvelous mahal is something awe-striking found here for sure.

The Tungabhadra Dam

As the name goes by, the dam is constructed on the majestic river of Tungabhadra and it is very important for the locals as the dam serves as a main source for irrigation. The electricity is also generated here and the Dam is one of the highest visited spots in the region because of the picturesque landscape. Tourist absolutely fall in love with the n number of migratory birds that often visit the place and along with different varieties of species and plants that are found here. The dam’s construction started during the British reign but ended in 1953.

The Virupaksha temple

An architecture wonder and one of the World heritage sites by UNESCO is this this stunning holy shrine. The temple is dedicated to the powerful Hindu lord Shiva and has been highly visited due to remarkable beauty. The structure of the temple is in such a way that the Tungabhadra river flows from the top of the temple and via its terrace it flows down to the kitchen area and then reaches out. The temple is also very much famous for the holy marriage of Virupaksha and Vampa that takes place every year in the month of December. It is witnessed by many tourists and many events are organized here during that period.

The Archaeological museum of Hospet

The renowned museum is one of a must to visit places in the city as you will find a glimpse of the rich history of the city here. The museum holds many artifacts and huge discoveries made while excavation and some of them include the brass plates, arms and weapons, sculptures and idols which all belonged to the people who lived here years back. The museum was built in 1972 and has total 4 galleries filled with rich historical items.