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Hassan Travel Guide

Hassan is a religious cultural town which is named after the Goddess "Haasanamba" and is filled with many traditional places found here. The town has a rich history and rich historical significance of the famous Hoysala Empire once ruled the glorious land.

The city is also very much famous and highly visited due to the presence of the sacred temple of Hasnamba. Along with that there are much more historical monuments and religious structures found here which makes the place totally adorable and is a must to visit for sure.

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best tourists places in Hassan

  • The Lakshmi Narasimha Temple
  • The Gomateshwara statue
  • The Nageshvara-Chennakeshava temple
  • The Shettihalli Church

The Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

The holy shrine was constructed back in 13th century and is considered as one of the holiest temples present in the state. Along with that the temple is also famous for its architectural beauty and was constructed by Bommanna Dandanayaka. Bommanna served as the head commander in the Hiysaka Dynasty and the statuesque temple is really right place to enjoy the beauty of the lush greenery surrounding the temple. Also find out about the intricate carvings on its walls by visiting the temple.

The Gomateshwara statue

This massive statue which stands around 17 metres tall is the world's highest monolithic statue built in the 10th century. The mind-blowing statue was constructed by Chamundaraya and the temple here is dedicated to Lord Bahubali. The temple is also known as the Bahubali Temple and was constructed by the general of the King Rajamalla. The base of the statue consists of many inscriptions and during Mahamastakabhisheka the whole statue is with milk, ghee and much more things. It happens only once in every 12 years.

The Nageshvara-Chennakeshava temple

The majestic temple complex consists of twin temples which depict the true traditional architecture of Hindu style. The temples are famous for the ancient scriptures found here and it is situated very close to the Hassan which is famous for being a very pleasant town. Also, there are several tourist attractions located near the temple, and you can much about the rich culture of the region from there.

The Shettihalli Church

The ancient catholic church was constructed back in 1860s and is indeed one of the magnificent churches found in the region. The historical gothic church was abandoned in 1960 but still is very much beautiful to date. The church built by the French missionaries and the unique church gets submerged in water in every monsoon season. Since 1960s when the Gorur reservoir was built near the church, the water from it gets the entire place submerged on it. Many villages also submerged during the period and thus the area was left by everyone. Till today there are not any shops or hotels near the church and thus many tourists carry their own food and water. However, the region serves as a great picnic spot and you can surely have a lot of fun here.