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Hampi Travel Guide

Hampi is a beautiful city satiated in valleys and consist of many historically rich budlings, museums and is the second largest city in the world.

The city was capital of Vijayanagara empire and this has been blessed with many architectural monuments which are very important for the city’s history. The treasured city located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River and is adorned with many religious temples and holy shrines located here. Being so famous we have chosen the top best 4 places for you to explore here.

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best tourists places in Hampi

  • The coracle ride
  • The Elephant Stables
  • The Vittala Temple
  • The Hippie Island

The coracle ride

Many tourists visit the city of Hampi because of the chance of Coracle ride available here. Not many other places in India have the facilities of coracle ride and the experience is something that will leave you awe-struck. The look of the crystal-clear Tungabhadra river and the enjoyable ride of coracle is something really memorable. Also, you can enjoy the rides in Sanapour lake and you must experience it.

The Elephant Stables

The stables served as a home to several royal elephants and was one of the most important structures built during the Vijayanagara Empire. The stables are to date well-maintained and until the Mughals attacked the region the stables were royally maintained. It was constructed back in 15th century and it consists of total eleven chambers which are all uniquely constructed. The place also is now used for arranging several events and performances. This famous tourist spot is one of the remains from the historic period which stands strongly.

The Vittala Temple

The ancient temple dates back to the 16th century and is visited by many tourists who love historical monuments. The unique structure of the temple depicts several stories of Hindu mythology and in each pillar of the temple, there are several gods depicted. The temple is also famous for the stone chariot present here which is indeed astounding. The large courtyard, beautiful carvings and ancient sculptures are found here which primarily attracts tourist from around the globe. The chariot stone is present in a massive courtyard and it makes this temple a must to visit location with many picturesque landscapes falling on its route.

The Hippie Island

The beautiful island is located in lush greenery and as the name goes by Hippie island, the Hippie culture of the region is indeed very famous. This small island is located across the famous Tungabhadra river and you can enjoy the coracle ride to your way to the spectacular island. There are many lodges and resorts located here and thus it is a very famous place where you can complete relax far away from your city life. Also enjoy the rich India cuisine of the region.