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Gokarna Travel Guide

Gokarna has been raising high in tourism with so many beaches found here that makes the region richer in nature’s beauty.

There are also breath-taking landscapes found here which indeed attracts people who love sightseeing. There are many Hindu pilgrimage sites found here and along with that if you want to know about the hippie culture, then the city of Gokarna of the perfect place to visit. Here are the top best 4 places that you must visit in the city for sure

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best tourists places in Gokarna

  • The Yana caves
  • The Om beach
  • The Mahabaleshwara Temple
  • The Kudle Beach

The Yana caves

The beautiful landscape where the Sahyadri hills surround the region is where this hill station is located. Surrounded by lush greenery and the richest biodiversity, Yana caves is famous and is surely the perfect getaway destination. Blessed with the beauty of the Sahyadri Hills this hill station is famous for the Limestone monoliths which attract many pilgrims if you love trekking then do visit the Bhairaveshwara Peak and Mohini Peak. Surely it is a great place made for people who love nature and what to explore it.

The Om beach

The beautiful beach has won the hearts of many due to the serene views that it offers and along with that, it is surely a great picnic spot too. For beach lovers surely it is a must to visit the spot and if you love sightseeing hen do visit the beach during the sunset time as it looks completely golden and jaw-dropping. The beach name is known as PM as it has the shape of the letter Om and thus is also famous among tourists for its uniqueness. You can enjoy water sport activities here and the beach offers many cheap accommodation and restaurants for your convenience near it too. You can try out speedboats, surfing, boating, and much more here.

The Mahabaleshwara Temple

The astounding 6 feet tall Shiva Linga located here is what attracts many pilgrims from around the globe. The temple is very astounding with its unique architecture here and the deity of Atmalinga is worshipped here. The entire temple is made of white granite and is hundreds of years old. The Lord Shiva idol present here is around 1500 years old and is carved out of stone. The temple has been mentioned in many Hindu Mythic including the great Mahabharata and Ramayana and thus a great religious as well as historical value for the Hindu worshippers for sure.

The Kudle Beach

Again a great place for beach lovers to spend some quality time with their family and friends is the beautiful beach of Kudle. This destination spot is one of the most visited places in the beautiful city of Gokarna. Also, if you love the place filled with peaceful atmosphere and splendid landscapes to look at then do not miss a single chance to visit the beach. The experience of watching the sunset, glittering water by feeling the soft sand, and watching the tides relaxing at the beach is something that is truly alluring. You can enjoy a refreshing also during the mornings or evenings and can also enjoy the local cuisines made near the beach at the food stalls.