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Coorg Travel Guide

The beautiful region of Coorg is surrounded with misty landscapes and many tourist destinations spots which will bring calmness to you for sure.

The region is highly blessed with some finest coffee producing plantations and is also renowned for being a famous hill station. Thus, making it as a famous tourist spot, you can explore the specializations of the land from its famous traditional food to several monuments and exotic sceneries found here. To make your trip much more memorable we have chosen the top be 4 places to visit in the region of Coorg.

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best tourists places in Coorg

  • The Golden Temple
  • The Abbey Falls
  • The Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary
  • The Honnamana Kere Lake

The Golden Temple

Also famously known as The Namdroling Monastery, it is the largest school of Tibetan Buddhism located in the region which was constructed back in 1963. The Monastery covers an area of 80 kms and is home to more than 5000 members who belong to the community of Sangha. The monastery is also known for its beautiful murals and as the monastery was constructed by Pema Norbu Rinpoche, it holds a prestigious position in the religion and history of the region. There are many facilities provided inside the monastery itself which includes hospital and many educational institutions.

The Abbey Falls

Another beath-taking tourist location found here is the Abbey falls which is also known as the Abbi falls and is renowned for the lush greenery spread across it. The falls are around 70 feet in height and crystal-clear chill water is something is to be made a note of. The region is also famous for the picturesque landscape which attracts photographers from around the globe. The place is also very close to the famous coffee plantation of the city and thus you can give a good look at true beauty of the nature here.

The Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

An astounding sanctuary which is filled with semi-evergreen forests is a true beauty of nature. It was constructed back in 1974 and is surrounded with bushes and huge trees. There are many coffee plantations located here which fills its aroma in the atmosphere. The sanctuary is home to many birds including bulbul, doves with many other migratory birds. Other animals found here include elephants, tigers, Nilgiri langurs, cats, wild pigs, and leopards.

The Honnamana Kere Lake

It is the biggest lake found in Coorg and is surrounded with hills and man-made caves. The region is historically very important for the locals as there is a very sacred shrine of Goddess Honnamana located close to the lake. The lake is a popular picnic spot and gets highly visited by locals and worshippers who visit the Holy temple for Darshan. There is a very famous festival named Gauri Festival is celebrated here near the lake and the entire atmosphere here becomes joyful and colourful so you must visit it during that period.