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Chitradurga Travel Guide

The city of Chitradurga has always been famous for its rich history and the historical fort found here which attracts many tourists from around the world.

As per Mahabharata, the Rakshasa Hidimba and his sister Hidimbi lived in this region thus making it very important as per the Hindu Mythology. Situated on the valley of Vedati River the region is much more blessed with abundant natural beauty and its highly visited for the Stone fortress located here. Along with that there are some other places that you will be discovering in your trip to the region of Chitradurga.

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best tourists places in Chitradurga

  • The Chitradurga Fort
  • Teru Malleshwara Temple
  • Chandravalli
  • Vani Vilas Dam

The Chitradurga Fort

The majestic fort is one of the strongest standing to date and is made architecturally very beautiful. The strong doors, carved arches, and the iron spikes on the doors are some of the things found here which will take you back in history. The fort is said to have 35 secret entrances and 4 other entrances which are invisible and many other gates which are destroyed now. The pathways to the fort are zigzagging in order to slow down the enemies trying to enter it and there are many temples also located here. There is also a temple for the Rakshahsa Hidimbeshwara which consists of big piece of bone considered as the tooth of Hidambasura.

Teru Malleshwara Temple

The Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and also has deities of Goddess Parvati and Uma-Maheshwara inside it. The holy shrine is traditionally constructed and is known for its 45 feet long lamp stand which makes the sacred shrine look more majestic spreading its shine at every direction. Tourists will find many paintings and inscriptions here from the Shaiva and the temple gets highly visited by worshippers during the festivals.


The tourist destination is located very close to the historical fort of Chitradurga and is one of the renowned archaeological discoveries made in the region. The settlements from the Satavahana period which was around 3000 years old was found here which lead to some discovery of historically valuable things too. The Lead coins from the Satavahana times, traditional ornaments that were used by the people living here thousands of years back and remaining of several temples have been discovered here during the archaeological discovery made.

Vani Vilas Dam

This dam is the Karnataka's oldest dam situated in the Marikanive village and is been constructed across the Vani Vilas lake. The lake is an artificial lake and this dam was built by the Kings or Maharajas of Mysore. The Vani Vilas Dam was commenced in 1898 and the construction came to an end after 9 years later. The massive dam is also a great picnic spot to spend quality time with your loved ones and the picturesque landscape will be perfect for some amazing pictures.