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Bijapur Travel Guide

Bijapur is a historical city in Karnataka and is often known as Vijayapura (Victory). The beautiful city was established back in 10th century when the Kalyani Chalukya entered the region.

There are so many architectural, beautiful constructures and monuments found in the city which highly resemble the Mughal, Islamic construction style and thus making this city a famous historic region which gets highly visited from tourist around the globe who are interested in the history of the region. Here are some best places to visit here.

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best tourists places in Bijapur

  • The Bijapur Fort
  • The Gol Gumbaz
  • The Jamia Masjid
  • Bara Kaman

The Bijapur Fort

The huge monument is historically very important and is renowned to be one of the well-preserved forts to date. The Bijapur fort was constructed back in the days when the Adil shah Dynasty ruled the region. This place was also known as the Agra of South India and as Bijapur is officially known as Vijayapura, the fort is also known as the Vijayapura fort. It is enclosed within a 50-feet moat and tourists will find many remaining and structures, sculptures and carvings in the interior part of the fort.

The Gol Gumbaz

this historic place is famous for having the vault of Mohammed Adil Shah. The sultan ruled the region for a very long period and was the seventh ruler in the Dynasty. The Gol Gumbaz was built in 1656 by Yaqut of Dabul who designed the huge circular dome of the place which is highly renowned. Thus, the name goes by “Gol Gumbaz” as the circular Domes is something that is found unique here. There is a huge gallery also known as whispering gallery inside it. It took around 30 years to complete the construction of the place and the Indo-Islamic style of Gol Gumbaz is totally awe-striking.

The Jamia Masjid

The beautiful Masjid was built during the reign of Mughals. Surrounded with beautiful scenic views, this picturesque landscape is totally adorned with many intricate Islamic carvings found here. The Jamia Masjid was constructed when Sultan Adil Shah won the battle of Talikota, The Masjid is also famous for being one of the very first masjid constructed in the country and the huge domes and massive arches are something cherished here.

Bara Kaman

It is one of the unfinished structures located in the region and was built in 1672 AD. Adil Shah II constructed the mausoleum which was initially planned to have 12 beautiful arches. This Mausoleum is of King Ali and his wives and was left unfinished as Adil Shah was murdered before its construction could complete. He was killed by his own father and this majestic place was left untouched ever since as his father did not wanted Bara Kaman to look more glorious than Gol Gumbaz.