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Bidar Travel Guide

The city of Bidar has always been famous for its natural beauty and the Bidri handicraft found here. The region’s renowned tradition, culture and historical heritage are some of the few things that you should know about while vising the city.

The city is filled with astonishing architecture and many religious places to know about. There are also many places to explore here and among this few have been the top best for you to add in your bucket list.

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best tourists places in Bidar

  • The Bahmani Tombs
  • The Bidar Fort
  • The Rangin Mahal
  • The Jharani Narasimha Cave Temple

The Bahmani Tombs

This tourist spot is located in the region of Ashtoor and there are a total of 12 tombs located here. The Bahmani tombs consists of massive mausoleums adorned which are intricately designed with arches and huge domes along with the surrounding filled with lush greenery making the place much more adorned. The tomb of Ahmad Shah-Al-Wali is the unique tomb found here and there is a Swastik symbol on one of its walls. To know about the rich history if the region, you can visit this place for sure.

The Bidar Fort

The massive historical monument to date stands strong with huge pillars and walls. The region is known for its historical significance and you can have a glimpse of the regions rich history by visiting the majestic monument. There are around 30 structures present here including museums, fortifications and many items which were used by the royalties back in days. Many huge dynasties like Satvahanas, Rashtrakutas, and Chalukyas and many more ruled the region. Also, many Mughal rulers showed their interests in its beauty of the fort and made it their home while ruling the lands of Bidar.

The Rangin Mahal

The colorful palace is located withing the constructional beauty of the Bidar Fort. It is one of the most well-maintained palaces found in the state and stands spectacular with its famous wooden carvings. The palace was constructed back in 16th century and has the astounding Mughal style architecture with a touch of Persian tile work in the interior parts of it. The huge entrance arch of the palace is also remarkably constructed and tourists can also find several versus of Quran inscribed on it.

The Jharani Narasimha Cave Temple

Also famously known as the Narasimha Jhira Cave temple is a holy place located in the region. The sacred shrine is believed to be very holy by all the Hindu pilgrims visiting it. There is a deity far inside located here which is of Lord Narasimha and you would have to go through the cave filled with water which will keep raising up to your waits. The caves comprise of a continues running stream of water and only 8 people at a time can enter it. There are room allotted for devotes who would want to change after worshipping. The pleasant atmosphere filled with spiritual aura is something that will keep you attracted to place and you would want to visit it repeatedly.